While rumours are gathering pace over a bid from Spurs for Roma’s Mirko Vucinic, a new target has emerged today in the shape of Hamburg striker Paulo Guerrero.

Earlier in the week, the Peruvian forward made one of those obscure comments that the press like to jump on from time to time,

“I am on holiday and it is a fact that I am still under contract at Hamburg,” he told the German press.

“But, at some point in life, everyone fancies a change of scenery.”

Hamburg meanwhile have stated that there has been no approach for the player who scored 5 goals in the Copa America but there are suggestions that Spurs could look to Guerrero if their attempts to sign Vucinic fail and if they do travel to Hamburg, they will need to deal with general manager and old acquaintance Frank Arnesen.

However, the 27 year old averages less than a goal every three games in the Bundesliga and could represent much more of a punt if Spurs were to make an approach.



  1. This ‘link’ is more lazy journalism. He’s top scorer in the Copa America so we’re ‘interested’ more tosh. Striker hunts getting boring now, wake me up if/when we get one. The excuses have been roller out already by Redknapp so Im expecting to get a sub standard new one in the last two days of the window with the excuse of ‘there was nuffin better available’ which means we wouldnt stump up a few extra million and left it too late again.

  2. Anybody watch Leandro play last night.He scored a cracker 7 min. from time to level the score at 2-2 with Barcelona. He like Sandro can run all day,full of energy.Great centre forward and only 21yrs.old.

    • Im hoping that the reports Bloomfield was checking out Afelay also missed the fact he was there to check on Dimaio while he’s in Europe and able to have a medical and sign for us! Here’s to hoping.

    • Did you watch the game?.. yes he scored a great leaping header off of a corner but hes not a GREAT striker.. Hes a huge whinger and his diving and going down to easy got very annoying. I believe at one point he completely whiffed the ball in school boy fashion with his follow up going into the side netting. On the positive side he has good pace for his size and natural finishing inside the 18.. He averages less than 1 goal in every 3 games in the brazilian league, factor in the likes of Terry, Ferdinand, Vidic, Kompany ect.ect. and that ratio could be a lot lower…

  3. This ‘link’ is more lazy journalism – couldnt agree more, there are no facts with this article, not a lot of opinion either, just seems to be jumped on from another dodgy link? 🙁

  4. I would go beyond lazy journalism. It’s just plain pathetic plagiarized nonsense. It’s well documented that Spurs have urgent need for at least a couple of forwards to take them to the next level, up pops every reporter and would be reporter linking us with any and every Tom, Dick and Harry worldwide, attaching stupid asking prices for their services, aided and abetted by respective agents (sorry sewer rats) who are more than happy to tout their clients to the highest bidder whether the stories are true or false and these stories are generally coming via the red tops or the daily mail which is in the same lower tier. If Spurs arent looking to buy someone its which Spurs star is being coveted by others or looking to leave. They just cant get it right can they these low lifes.


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