As the news came through yesterday that Giovanni dos Santos’ sell-on clause was about to expire, it seemed completely plausible that his miserable stint at Spurs was due to come to a close.

The deal that brought Gio to the Spurs included a clause that entitled Barcelona to a 10% rake off of any future transfer fee, but with that reportedly set to run out, Spurs are free to pocket all of the cash.

Udinese are now set to renew their interest and that things could happen very quickly. What was surprising however, was the fee quoted – £4m!

When these stories first appeared, the fee for Gio varied between £8m and £10m and after his stunning performances for Mexico, that figure seemed perfectly justifiable. If the claim is right, it begs an old question – should we cut our losses to this extent so that we can finally trim some of the deadwood or is £4m just too low for Gio?



  1. He’s clearly a very good player and would probably offer more than one-trick-pont Lennon on the right wing. We’ll never know cos Arry refused to give him any serious game time to acclimatise to the Prem. Not sure Arry knows how to rotate players and keep them Appy, like Fergie somehow manages

    • ManU also seem to make more of the young players that come in. It’s become a cliche to say so but we almost lost Bale because Harry didn’t fancy him, though he won’t admit it now.

  2. Is $4 million too low? Absolutely. Is it better to have $4 million than it is to have a player who rots on the bench and collects wage checks and makes two appearances during the season while the fan base calls for him to play? Absolutely. This is pretty simple. Either Harry gives him a chance to play at least semi-regularly or we sell him for whatever Udinese will give us. I would love to see him in the midfield rotation. Give him regular starts in the Europa League. If he does well, give him some chances in the EPL. His value may go back above $8 million with some good performances.

  3. no doubt’s his got talent but for some reason instead of playing him in his natural position witch is cent’r forward were he should have bean more effective he was used as cover for lennon and couldn’t see the logic in that, sheer utter waste and shame to see him go.

  4. I’ve always wanted to see him play more just so that when we do sell him, at least we can be sure he isn’t up to it.
    But the way he has been treated is shoddy. He is obviously talented and frankly should walk out at the first opportunity.
    What a waste, especially when you look at some of the rest of the squad who are being retained.

  5. Hmmmmmn now we going to sell him because no longer will spurs have to hand over 400k or 800k, equivalent of less than one weeks squad wages…stupid concept, stupid article, thankfully the world is full of idiots enabling the rest of us to make more money than the idiot author of this article can recoup from CPM hits

  6. Keep him, that’s what Europa’s good for. Unless, of course, that fee doubles because we could surely use the money on a striker.

  7. Let him move on. Hes got bags of talent, either use it in the Europa or EPL or let him use it elswhere. Harry should give him a chance.


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