One of the stranger transfer stories yesterday emerged out of Talksport with suggestions that Spurs had failed in an audacious swoop for Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko. Whether the whole business was a hoax or not is unclear and it appears that the story isn’t accessible from the station’s website.

If that rumour wasn’t enough to strike fear into any Spurs fans, then it appears that the Joe Cole stories have yet to go away. With the former West Ham player already struggling to make his mark at Anfield, the arrival of the likes of Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson suggest that he may not even get a game under Kenny Dalglish next season.

PSG however are also rumoured to be interested and they are a team that wouldn’t have any issues with Cole’s wages, but the suggestion of a late approach from Spurs is still there. While it’s heavily reported that a Spurs bid for Lassana Diarra has hit a ‘snag’, could Harry yet turn to Anfield and his former player?



  1. I fear another January-gate on the cards. We’re leaving things too late again. There is no doubt that we need at least 1 striker, preferably 2. 1 cm another option on the right wing. And maybe a CB. That’s 5 players we need IMO, and we are still no closer to getting one in. 22days.. I don’t like this game of Chicken that Levy plays one little bit.

  2. If he bought Cole, this weekends rioting would pale in significance compared to the protests from every single one of us. Anyway, it’s a joke. Just one paper running with it. They are just trolling for hits.

  3. If Joe Cole signs and we dont get a striker I will go and support Man City.

    Only joking but I will be going for the directors box at WHL @ first home game in September

  4. This has been a long and frustrating offseason. I am absolutely stunned at the lack of movement during this transfer window. It will be nice to be able to focus on some actual game action this weekend and not worry about whether or not we are bidding on anyone and whether or not the bid has been accepted.

    Everyone within the club knew we had to add a couple of players to get back to into the top four. We have failed to do so. Where has the Champions League money gone? Where is the supposed revenue we were promised would go back into the club? I have given up on looking for any news of transfers…bring on Everton.

  5. Time to realise that with our prem league standing, wage structure and lack of champs league footy we’re always gonna get nocked back in the transfer market. And you can guarantee that two or three clubs below us will unearth a real player at a fraction of the cost who turns out to be class in the prem – why can’t we find em!

  6. I would’ve been shocked if we had actually gotten Dzeko from City since they seem to have been willing to buy players they didn’t want just to keep Spurs from having them.

    That said, I would LOVE for Dzeko to come to Spurs. He was excellent in the Bundesliga and seems like exactly what Spurs need in a forward. Strong, good in the air, and with clinical finishing.
    He hasn’t been great at City — granted — but he’s only had HALF a season to adjust to the Premier League and not being played consistently or in his accustomed position.

    With Spurs he would have two classic wingers sending crosses in (not to mention Walker, Rose, or BAE on overlaps) and VdV, Modric, and Hudd through the middle.
    He would be perfect for Spurs and, ignoring the competitiveness between City and Spurs, a realistic signing at the upper end of what we’re willing to pay.
    I’d been hoping since last summer he’d come to the Lane.

    All that said, though — it’s NEVER going to happen now.

  7. this coud be the best failing this season not Getting Diaria and ZDeckchaire . Don’t worry about our strikers Defoe and Crouch will score and Lennon Bale Van Modric Hudds and Huntelar will score the goals. Pav and Keaane will not be seen at white hot lane again sadly thanks for the memories. We also have the two Ufa Babes Kane and Soulman

  8. I don’t think we need new players. I think we actually need to offload the fringe 1st teamers on big wages and let some of the young players have a chance. Townsend is a good back-up for either wing, as is Rose. With Kane and Coulabiy back up for the forwards. Let Keane go and we have 5 strikers. We don’t need more. And if we pay £20m for a new striker then the kidswon’t come through and everyone will complain that we never give kids a chance. It’s the only way to balance the books, be realistic

    • Really good point and agree with you completely, unless we were to get someone who’s world class i don’t think we should waste our pennies.

      Man Utd have for years shown bravery by bringing the youngsters through and that does pay dividends. I’m surprised we don’t have the bravery to do that.


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