With reports coming through suggesting that Spurs have been quoted a fee in the region of £31m for Fernando Llorente, could Harry Redknapp follow the lead of other premiership managers and take a look at free agent David Trezeguet?

The 33-year old French international is available on a free following his departure from relegated Spanish side Hercules in the summer after scoring 12 goals in 31 appearances in La Liga. He is best known for his time at Juventus where he played for 10 years and throughout his club and international career, the player has averaged around a goal every other game.

Naturally his wage demands are going to be high, but that hasn’t put Swansea and Aston Villa off and outside of the Premiership, Trezeguet is attracting interest from all over Europe.

It’s a long shot at best but during this transfer window, Spurs have been linked to worse players than David Trezeguet.



  1. the situation is getting desperate now!!
    we have known since last year we needed a striker, we failed in January and yet we are still no closer in finding anyone!!
    seriously what is going on!!

  2. No better than what we have. Crouch, Defoe, Pav and probably Robbie would all have scored 12 or more goals in la liga last season. We are looking for a striker to take us up a notch and this wouldn’t do it, so why bother?

    This kind of article screams of the desperation that many fellow spurs fans are feeling. But signing players in desperation is not the way forward.

    Have faith, we are in a great position. Everyone is underestimating us, we have a superb squad, with the likes of Bale, Sandro, Walker and Kaboul all improving all the time. We have a fresh and firing Defoe who everyone is writing off, but could well bang in 15/20 goals this season.

    It is clear that our chances would be greatly improved if we can bring in a top quality striker. But that is what we need. Top quality. Anything else we should leave well alone and trust what we have. COYS.

  3. No thanks. We already have better at the club. I still think that Defoe and Crouch should be kept and will do better this season than last if we can find the best system to accommodate (one of ) them and VDV. I thought Crouch looked very similar to LLorente and in fact had more of an impact in the game last week.

  4. We have signed Adebayor on a one year loan, so relax..

    where are u getting this from????

    stay away from 33 year old spent forward, what sort of signal does that send to harry kane?

  5. You always mix my mind up!If we are going to compete the big teams then sign top players.If we want to finish somewhere between 5th and 7th then why do you want to keep Modric?Let the lad live the dream…

  6. No. He’s far too old and way past his prime. Yes we need to sign top players and Trezeguet would’ve been a good signing… 8 years ago. Fact of the matter is he’s just not good enough anymore.

  7. Could be a good deal, freebie on a one year loan deal, didn’t hurt united when they got Larsson on a short term deal. Still scoring goals as last seasons record in a team that wern’t challenging near the top so with a bit of supply he may do a lot better. Many of you saying he’s no better that what we’ve got. I don’t remember seeing Crouch Defoe and Pav with world cup, european chanpionship and Seria A medals.

  8. guess whhhhaaaattttt i just heard we signed addddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………thank god….just waiting it to be confirmed (on season loan)

  9. Cant understand why Gio’s not in the 1st team section of the club website now, i know we want shot of him but even so the lad never had a chance

  10. adabayor is proven goal scorer but for me he is not engetic enogh i hope he is just a fill in untill we get dinamo as we cant get him untill jan.

  11. also have you herd that we have been told we can have rossi aslong as we pay the full 44m release clause. so that deal wont be happenig 🙁 this is the striker i really wanted. if we want to be a team challenging for the title we need to buy players not loan them. we need to invest why dont you understand that harry and levy if you want to make money you have to spend money in this league.

  12. Adobe bay or? Seriously you are happy with this. He’s shat and a man city hand down, they’ll nab him back if he does well anyway. He’s disruptive to dressing rooms and just try and drop him if he plays poor. His wages are very high too. This shows the difference between a champ league team (city) and an also ran who takes hand outs (you know who). All that talk of money you had to spend (Aguero lol) was the usual cr@p you get from levy and freaky face. Surely you should kick off at your club for their bull not celebrate. Maybe you just ain’t as bigger club as you thought


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