The postponement of tomorrow’s match with Everton has at least given Rafael van der Vaart an extra few days to get fit for the start of the new season.

Earlier in the summer the Dutchman, who struggled with niggling injuries throughout his first season at White Hart Lane said: “I can remember when I came here, okay, I had pre-season at Madrid and I felt quite fit but here, the pace of the game is more intense than in Spain and that’s why I had a few little injuries.

“At the end I played a lot of games and I hope to do the same next season.”

Unfortunately an ankle knock picked up in the win at Brighton threatened his involvement in tomorrow’s aborted game with assistant Kevin Bond saying that the club were ‘keeping their fingers crossed’.

Suggestions were that VDV himself was targeting the Hearts game for his return and for one member of the squad at least, tomorrow’s cancellation could be a blessing in disguise.



  1. VDV should not be risked against Hearts, we have bigger fish to fry in the Prem – give him the last 20 mins maybe.

    If Adebayor is secured then play him up front with Defoe in 442.

    goals, goals, and more goals!! COYS

  2. Has more than one source confirmed this Adebayor rumor? I would be happy about it but I don’t want to get too excited until we see it from Adebayor and Spurs themselves. So far, all I have seen is “Spurs look to secure loan deal for Adebayor.”

  3. the only source was allegedly ESPN but i checked thier site and…………………………..nothing on it at all!! not even a rumour. Soz boyz 🙁 Just another load of stinking sh….

  4. bent harry shooting his big mouth off again about helping the young tottenham rioters.he wants to keep his energies working hard for the good of thfc. not worrying about that scum. if he was half the saint he makes out to be he would’nt be in all the trouble he is in ,in pompey.they love him down there,yea love to hang him.


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