Ba on way to Spurs

Ba on way to Spurs


Although we still await news of big name signings at the Lane, Spurs have managed to snap up a couple of promising youngsters in the shape of Cristian Ceballos and Soulemayne Coulibaly this summer. Both could have an impact later this season and stand a chance of appearing in the Europa League if Harry keeps his promise to blood young players.

In the meantime, reports suggest that Spurs are set to add to these signings with the capture of 18 year old El-Hadji Ba from Le Havre. It seems that even less is known about Ba than Ceballos and Coulibaly, but reports suggest that he is a huge talent and has been on the radar of top clubs for some time.

He can play either as a defensive midfielder or in a creative role and looks a great prospect as opposed to a direct replacement for Luka Modric as one report suggests! Having broken through into Le Havre’s first team he may however be looking for a place on the bench at least.

So the first team squad still needs reinforcements but the youngsters are in good shape and would be boosted by the arrival of El-Hadji Ba.


  1. we need superstars not kids joke pull ya head out off ya ass tottenham and wake up and smell the coffee never going to be a top four team if you dont spend

  2. No they don’t, they are not registered to play in the Europa league as they were signed after the deadline.

    Try reading the comments on your own blog and you might learn something!

    • Me
      No they don’t, they are not registered to play in the Europa league as they were signed after the deadline.

      Try reading the comments on your own blog and you might learn something!

      They are not registered for the play-off round against Hearts. Clubs have to register players for the play-off rounds before the 1st leg, but they do not have to have the exact same squad for the entire campaign. The Europa League squad for the group stages will be registered once the transfer window has shut. Clubs will also have the opportunity to register any additional squad changes after the January transfer window if they progress to the Knock-Out rounds.

  3. we deffo need to concentrate on 1st team matters, if any truth in this deal then the player should be signed and left to develope in the Le Havre 1dt team.

    true – cant play in the europa league… take note matthew 🙂

  4. Don’t expect any “big” signings coz your not a “big” club u muppets!
    When modric finally gets his way and signs fir a decent team u will be happy u got these kids before they realised you were shit.

    • You’re right. I’m happy we got them already, anyway. Our record with youngsters has improved immensely recently so the future looks good. And we’ve got players you wouldn’t mind, whoever you support.

  5. yet another intelligent comment from a supporter of a team with no history, who were minutes from going under. the grass isnt greener my silly blue friend, just ask Fernando (at least he didnt cost a lot eh?) wonder how much you lost on jirk-off whom just left too. oh we must be jelous of your club! who will manage you next year when the ruski sacks another. TWAT!

  6. We have a great future ahead of us and a great manager so we just need to develop some great youth players and give them a chance.we have a great squad right now,just need. Some additions to the squad so have some faith and fyi chelsea have no creativity and are so boring to watch

  7. delusional spurs go see if your cock fits in your mouth cos cos that all your gobshite comments r worth see what happens when russian plankster gerrit half half plank half gangster gets bored or better still his next misses divorces him n claims half his cash….coys…..


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