Despite Spurs’ early exit from the Carling Cup this week, manager Harry Redknapp insists that the club have the depth of squad to make a real challenge in all competitions this season. Outside of the Premiership, Harry has played fringe and youth players in both the Carling Cup and Europa League, but he believes that the Club are taking each challenge seriously.

“We changed 10 players for the Europa League last week, and then another nine players for the Carling Cup game, so I don’t think it will impact on us too much to be involved in several competitions” said Harry in the Daily Mirror.

“It gives us the chance to blood some youngsters, and to give them opportunities. Okay, sometimes they get thrown in the deep end, but that gives them the experience they want, and we want them to get.

“It can be hard, but we honestly want to remain in every competition. We go into every game wanting to win, and believing we can win. When we change the side it allows us to keep the team fresh and to compete.”

The Carling Cup and Europa League aside, if Spurs are challenging for fourth or better at the start of January, should the club continue with this policy for a competition that is so well connected with our history – the FA Cup?



  1. trouble is Harry shoots his mouth off at every opportunity and then looks stupid if it dont happen, he ll backtrack and try tellin supporters this is as good as it gets! its clear from the selections where are priorities are, and the fa cup should deffo be taken more serious than the other cups. with a steady keeper (not gomes) Ledley at the back and a decent pair up top anything is possible. havent mentioned the midfield as we all know its our strongest area. pipe down harry and keep up the good work, then you can leave with yr head held high for the england job. u already have yr excuse ready for that one (poisoned challice) LOL 🙂

  2. I have not met a more confusing incomplete manager ever..
    his desperation knows no bounds and his ability to shower the media with more shit is ceaseless.. second t none in the dildo stakes, was in the papers ‘again’ ‘, this time to tell venger how to set up defensive coaching strategies.. bwtween bbcc’s obsession with talking to us like neandertholds skys solar techtonic universally futuristic stato approach and itvs lady boy wakns serving utter trash in between the meaty stuff , I am losing the will to be interested in footy, as it has been hijacked by a load of sneering boring spiritless cun**!!!


  3. We got to prioritise the EPL and if we can keep the side that beat Wolves and Liverpool fit and well for the next couple months then we can beat whoever we face and get into the mix with city/utd/cfc.
    That means playing one side in the league and resting them in the cups especially in the early stages of those competitions. Seems a perfect trade off to me.
    Also if we do not play the squad players and younger players in the cups where else are they going to get games?
    Stoke game reports suggest the defence and midfield did well so we were not weak and fielded many internationals despite resting the first team. Just our toothless strike force and disinterest from Pav and Gio that let the side down.

  4. We seem to be achieving our goals slowly ( proposed new stadium ?). What next : qualification for 4th place or some silverware (Europa, FA cup ?).
    Personally, I am confident with the above 3 options.January transfer is of prime importance in getting Dimiao ( perhaps use Sandro’s & our ties with Internazionale influence).


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