It’s four wins out of four for Spurs as they head into this weekend’s fixture at St James’s Park and as far as Gareth Bale is concerned, the key to sustained success is turning White Hart Lane into a fortress.

Two home wins including an impressive 4-0 demolition of Liverpool have hinted that the ground can be turned into an arena that opponents fear and Bale is certain that this situation can only help the club in the long term.

I think the main thing for any team is home form,” Bale said. “You look at Manchester United and they haven’t lost in who knows how many games.

“We want to make White Hart Lane a place that when teams come here, they fear us.

“We’re looking to do that and I think as long as our home form’s good then we’ll be right up there.”

“It’s massive for us to beat the bigger teams, especially our local rivals, which is important, not just for us but for the fans.”

The fans would undoubtedly play their part in turning the ground into a fortress but last season, Wigan, West Brom, Blackpool and West Ham had little to fear at the Lane. When you consider that point, you realise that Gareth is right in his assessment and while beating the bigger teams is important, teams in the bottom third have to be dispatched as well.



  1. Indeed bale is bang on as per usual. He is a winner and deserves to be amongst our top earners. I believe that if Modric is given 100K then Bale and Adebayor should be given 100K. VDV will no doubt throw the toys out of the pram but thats tough luck in my opinion. If we can hang onto these big 4 players and massage the egos of the rest we’ll be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.
    Exciting times to be a spurs fan.

  2. All we have to do is match the other teams energy levels and we will win . Newcastle should worry we have learned What the secret was last year with all the shock results. . This is thanks to Toure and Newcastle will start to slow shortly and slide down the table where they belong.

  3. Probably easier for the players to be up for away games as our traveling fans make more noise than all of White Hart Lane put together.

    • Cat your right, some fans are to quiet for our home games, and against arsenal we were very bad, and let the scum out sing us before we got the 2nd goal.
      When the new stadium is built, we need to have fans that are more of the hard core type, like the old days.


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