It’s reported that Sandro and Aaron Lennon suffered no ill-effects after appearing in last night’s 1-0 win over Rubin Kazan and both could make a start for Tottenham in Sunday’s clash at Blackburn Rovers.

The injury problems in defence mean that the back four picks itself with Walker, BAE, Kaboul and Bassong likely to line up ahead of Brad Friedel in goal.

In midfield, the possible return of Lennon and Sandro does raise a few questions and while Bale and Modric seem likely to start on the left, it’s hard to imagine that Scott Parker will be rested in view of his performances since joining the club at the end of August, but that appears to be the only possible slot for Sandro.

That would mean Lennon likely to start on the right wing with the Brazilian on the bench. All of that leaves the usual question up front where three into two won’t go. If Adebayor is a certain starter, the issue is whether to start with VDV behind him or in a 4-4-2 with Jermain Defoe.

Here’s our team to face Blackburn Rovers, what’s yours?



    • Hasnt vdv scored in the last 3 games? Surely he deserves a start! Defoe does look sharper than last year but he was crap on thursday and should of scored a winner against newcastle. Harry will start with vdv i reckon.
      Ekottu is most of the time excellent but for the first time im wanting rose in the team instead, he just looks the part and i think he is an important player now.

  1. ……………………………….Gomes

    Walker. Sandro. Kaboul. Rose

    Lennon. Modric. Parker. Bale.

    ……………………. Defoe. Adebayor


    Bassong was rubbish on the Thursday he’s leaving in January Sandro can play there for a couple of weeks
    Defoe has been better than Vaart maybe not
    On thursday but he was good at Newcastle but I’d probably sub Vaart on for Lennon. Giovani should come 70th minute unless we a winger gets injured like Lennon or bale. Danny Rose is what we need he is both attacking and defending like walker and BAE has lost a lot of
    Form Danny Rose has proved his skill

  2. VDV wont be up for Blackbum away. He’s a big game player. Defoe still ahs point to prove, and is proving it well this year

    I’d start with bale modders, sandro and parker in the middle to make it more solid, to start

    • He played well up at Wigan (similar kind of game / atmosphere). Linked up well with Ade for his goal, kept the ball brilliantly with Modders, Parker and Sandro in midfiled, and until Benny’s ‘Benny moment’ we completely controlled the game.

      For me I’d start with that same 11, then bring on Azza and JD when the game opens up to cause havoc along with Bale.

  3. We need to be more compact away from home whilst playing a largely counter-attacking game.

    Walker – Kaboul – Bassong – BAE
    Lennon – Parker – Sandro – Bale

  4. Rafael van der Vaart has scored Tottenham’s opening goal in their last three matches. He has an impressive strike rate of a goal every 166 minutes in the league for Tottenham.

    • This is true but Defoe and Ady will suffer if they don’t play together and last year Van never scored till the Liverpool game. I would bring him on in the second half when he may just finish a game the best game he played in was the Wolves game lasts season. We have not won convincingly since Van Has come in for Kranjcar this could be our big problem this season along with King and Huddlestone great passing and odd thunderbolt. Gomes Walker Kaboull Sandro . Bale Lennon Van Parker Modric Defoe Ady

  5. …………….Walker-kaboul-Assou…………….. ……………….Parker-Sandro………………….. ………….VDV Modric Bale……………………… ………………Ade Defoe………………………….

  6. Emile Heskey has scored more Premier League goals than Jermain Defoe.

    Shocking for a man who claims to be England’s anwer to the Rooney dilema, and for someone Arry keeps telling us is a 20 goal a season man…. when did that last happen btw?

    • Heskey scored 151 in 673 games
      Defoe 183 in 442

      You can make statistics sound however, you want them to.

      To be honest i’d rather have defoe??

      • That 182 is all comps mate.

        Emile has more league goals, Trust.

        Agreed, but for a man who’s contribution to a team is in the main goals, and is quite a shocking fact.

        I am actually a JD fan, and defended him rigorously back in the Keane days when when Robbie missed from 30 yards he was applauded for a good effort, but when JD did the same he was a little greedy you know what.

        Just saying, he’s 28 now and should be in his prime. He needs to hit the net regularly and not just against weeker opposition (3 goals against the ‘Big 4’ in all his years from us) especially to justify a place ahead of VDV.

  7. This game worry s me because of Samba and Friedel who relies on King too clear headers. With this in mind and Samba being 6ft4 and Bassong 6ft1 we need Gomes who comes and punches also there is no Crouch or Huddlestone too help. Gomes Walker Kaboul Bassong Ekotto Van Parker Modric Bale Defoe Adebyor what we need is too get some Newcastle fitness and we will win no matter who plays.

  8. Gomes
    Walker – Kaboul – Bassong – BAE
    Lennon – Sandro – Modric – Bale

    Defoe Adebayor

    Subs: Friedel, Parker, Rose, Townsend, Van der Vaart, Dos Santos

    I think Gomes showed some quality on Thursday, as did Sandro. Van der Vaart can be an impact sub, as can Parker if and when he’s needed as an enforcer.

    • I know he was rubbish last season but the season before he was good and it looked like he regained his form on thursday he is a class keeper when he is on his day and if we don’t get anyone soon he will be our first keeper

  9. its time to get a bit barca, if we play 3 at the back with sandro and parker as the enforcers then it makes for 5 atacking positions for modric,bale,vdv,adybyor,lennon,defoe,pav,gio etc etc
    those are the positions to play about with and it has the added benefit of no bassong.
    big brad
    walker kaboom benny
    sandro parker
    lennon modric bale
    little or large?

  10. Defoe is mediocre…at best…why : cause he scored a good goal vs Newcastle, and then, again, “forgot” to pass with an open chance and went for one of his rubbish/straight at the goalie shots…

    • He’s by no means the ‘total footballer’ 😉 Very much the English Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink, i.e shoot onsite as hard as you can!

      • @Remedy..the English JF-HasselbaInk..:-) Makes sense! Although i think JFH’s shooting was a lil’ more accurate and therefore more rewarding..
        Really can’t see what others apparantly see in JD, the guy’s performance has disappointed me many, many times..

        • Me thinks there is a few fans on here need too have a visit to speck savers. Defoe is quality and tomorrow if Harry plays him he will score the winner.

  11. I’d sit Sandro inbetween defence and midfield to ensure we don’t concede a goal. then either drop VDV (he is lazy and cant track back, greedy insisting on taking all free kicks etc.) disrupts team I think, but he does score goals. on drop lennon, who disapoints me because he no longer runs the line and cuts the ball back. too often coming inside and running into trouble, however he can defend and does track back.

  12. ———friedel———

  13. I see nearly all want to play Lennon, he seemed apprehensive on Thursday and needs more time to recover his form. It will be interesting to see Bale and Addies performance against the chicken slayers, both could fade against a resolute Blackburn. Gomes is average at handling crosses but surely preferable to Friedal who is weaker in this skill. Defoe or VdV- not sure but bring on Pav. for one or the other in the last 35 mins.

  14. Harry will not start with Gomes no matter what so long as Friedel is fit. Methinks that Harry is beholden to that consecutive record Friedel holds about starting between the sticks in the Premier League

  15. Well the team is in and 4411 has won lets hope it bring a win because the records show its not profitable without Hudds passing.


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