Spurs legend Gary Mabbutt has been talking about some of the latest Premiership news recently and when he spoke to Absolute Radio last week, our former FA Cup winning captain took the time to focus on his old club.

Mabbs played in virtually every position in his time at Spurs but eventually settled down to command a regular position at the heart of the defence and it was the current centre half situation at Spurs that caught his attention,

“I couldn’t believe at the end we didn’t go for Cahill,” Gary said. “When Arsenal didn’t go for him I thought ‘We must go in and get him’, because obviously Ledley King, we’ve had problems in that area, he’s the one that we need as well, but we got Parker without any opposition from Arsenal, which surprised me very much.”

Asked whether Spurs didn’t spend heavily because of the uncertainty over Harry Redknapp’s future, Mabbutt dodged the question slightly while putting forward Harry’s credentials as England manager.

“Harry, at the moment, if you’re putting forward, I think everyone would say we would love an English manager, and if you’re saying which English manager would you go for at the moment then Harry Redknapp has to be the choice,” Gary added.

“To me I think when he came into Tottenham he had virtually the same players he transformed us with. It’s not down to all his tactical and technical abilities, his man management skills are his number one forte, he can get players to play.”

Gary Mabbutt was speaking at the first Rock ’N’ Roll Football ‘Boys Night In’ an exclusive event created to raise money for The Princes Trust and it’s always interesting to get a former player’s perspective on the current situation at the club.

Clearly Gary believes that a new centre half is a priority while Spurs may have to start preparing for life after Harry Redknapp. Here’s a video of the interview with our former skipper.



  1. I dont think Cahill is any better than what we have with the exception of Bassong. I would prefer Samba. He wins 99% of headers he goes for and as proved yesterday is a beast, a mobile one. Samba will get offers soon from other clubs so i hope we move quick.

    • Completely agree………..how different is Dawson vs Cahill ??

      And, in watching Samba, yesterday, he would give the squad a whole new dynamic w/ his aerial prowess and would be very useful on set pieces. Not too mention, he is strong defensively and a natural leader.

      Seems like an easy decision outside of his age…..

  2. yeah my thoughts exactly! Samba would be a beast, we need experience and a level head, samba is that. Also cheap as chips really. Cahill tho, is levy choice for the sell on value, groan, but hes just another dawson/kaboul, we need replacing king/gallas, and samba fits the tshirt

  3. Yes I agree with the guys….We need a type of a player like King and Gallas. Samba is really my first choice instead of Cahill.

  4. Samba would be a good signing i agree but reckon he would cost about 12m, cahil should be less based on contract time.
    Cahil is much better than Dawson positionally, daws will allways be a no2


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