Spurs will be playing QPR for the first time in the league for nearly two decades this weekend and over the years there have been some classic encounters between the two sides.

For most Spurs fans, they will recall the two FA Cup games in 1982 as their happiest memory but there have been some other memorable games as well.

Does anyone remember this match back in 1985 when Spurs travelled to Loftus Road to play on the dreaded plastic? Due to adverse weather this was the only game played in London that day and while the official attendance was just over 27,000, this seemed a conservative estimate to say the least.

Before the game, heavy crowds had pushed supporters forward and our only escape was to climb on to the pitch. As a result, we were moved across the stadium and watched most of the game surrounded by Rangers fans.

A 2-2 draw wasn’t great for Spurs who were actually challenging Everton for the title at that point, but it’s interesting as always, to look back at the goals from the match.



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