There is one new name appearing in the transfer gossip columns this morning and it’s that of Celtic winger James Forrest. Unlike many of the stories we’ve seen over the last few months, manager Harry Redknapp has declared an interest in the 20 year old, but admits things haven’t progressed any further.

“We have had good reports of what is obviously a good player,” Redknapp told the BBC.

“But he belongs to Celtic and that’s as far as it’s gone.”

Spurs’ chief scout Ian Broomfield watched Forrest in action at the weekend and came back with good reports,

“Ian says he’s a talent, the kid,” added Redknapp.

“I haven’t seen the boy play. I have seen him on TV and bits and pieces, but I would want to see him in a couple of games if I was ever going to do anything.

“I wouldn’t sign anyone without seeing him myself.”

Despite his tender age, Forrest is now a Celtic regular after first making his debut in 2009 and he also has four Scottish caps to his name. The Glasgow club will want to keep hold of him but an early move to the Premiership could prove a little too tempting.



  1. Remember all you Celtic fans, the SPL is a far cry from the EPL and if any player from the EPL wants to progress then he has to leave Scotland besides, how many players has Mr Redknapp reportedly claimed an intertest in. As for paying £10M for an untried youngster from Scotland leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Stoney… Richard Gough ? Kenny Dalglish, Gordon Strachan, Graeme Souness, Alan Hansen, Steve Archibald ???? You’re on drugs too !!!

    • No. But you obviously are. All the players you listed retired years and years ago. As of my comment. I didn’t say there had ‘never’ been a decent Scottish player. Brush up on your reading skills before you have a pop.

  3. I resent being told that I am on drugs simply because I disagree with the English views.May I ask how many times you have seen him,my point is taken from being a season ticket holder at Celtic Park and seeing him in U.19 international level.

  4. I am Scottish, my name is Crerand and to suggest that Forrest is worth £10 m IS delusional when he is untried and ,,,,’ it not just the SPL that he shines but internationaly.’ against Wales and the Republic of Ireland ???? We’ll try a Mill or two and send him out on loan somewhere to learn his trade, then we’ll see if he i up to playing real footballl in a real league

  5. Spurs fans are missing the big picture.
    I think this is a strong indication that Bale is off to a big club, He is obviously fed up in a 2nd rate club in London.
    Harry is now looking for his replacement

  6. Tottenham should buy Mario Götze if they want a world class talent who can play as winger.

    Imagine Bale as LWB and Gotze as LW with K.Walker as RWB and Eden Hazard as RW.

    Teams would need to double up both sides every time they receive the ball.

    • Juan Pablo, that lineup would be exactly what I would like to see but I’d be shocked if we actually get either.

      Still doesn’t hurt to dream…

  7. Stoney, I am presuming that you have had an education of sorts? Decades? That was the word you used, DECADES…. which at the very very least is a minimum of 20 years and being less charitable, 30 years….. My reading skills are clearly of a better standard than either your maths or your understanding of the english language… perhaps both at the same time?
    Such a cretinous nyaff. LOL


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