There’s a rumour circulating this afternoon that Spurs are looking at making an approach for QPR’s Argentine midfielder Alejandro Faurlin when the transfer window opens in January.

The rumour, idle or otherwise, is gathering a bit of momentum so if there is a vacancy across the White Hart Lane middle, it’s worth looking at the player’s credentials to see if he can fill it.

Faurlin is now 25 and prior to heading to Loftus Road in 2009, he played for three professional clubs back home. For most of his career, he has played in the second tier of English or Argentine football and to date, he has no caps at international level.

Those bare statistics wouldn’t suggest that the story has any legs but Faurlin has impressed in the Premiership to the extent that Inter Milan and Napoli are also thought to be considering a £10m bid.

There are two other aspects to the story that may suggest that lazy journalism is at the heart of it. Firstly, the ‘Luka Modric replacement’ angle is being used and secondly, Arsenal are also involved in the gossip and it’s all too easy to bracket the two North London clubs together in connection with every transfer target imaginable.

So is it a likely scenario or yet more gossip that should in reality be ignored?



  1. We have better players already, much better. Just pathetic journalism, they must be really thick or/and know nothing about football cos you would assume the cunt of a journalist who came up with the Faurlin idea has heard of Sandro, Huddlestone etc all are alot better than Faurlin and cant get in the first X1 at spurs, DUH! Thick bastard.

  2. Sorry Spurs but we’re not selling our best player-we don’t need to!
    However can we have Kyle Walker back please oh you are more than welcome to have Tarrabt back

  3. Faurlin, as good as he is wouldnt be first choice or improve Spurs to a great extent, QPR is his ideal team and we are goin places !! Yes can we swap Kyle walker and you can have Taarabt back please? !!!

  4. I would love to see 10 million come our way for him. Don’t quite see what all the hype is about. He’s a lazy player who coughs up possession way to easily.

  5. Vancouverqpr you obviously watch QPR games often Faurlin has been a revelation in the Prem and is getting better all the time and although he has the capability his weakness is his shooting and that is all but I dont think he is quite ready for a team like Tottenham.

  6. VancouverQPR – Faurlin hardly ever gives the ball away and is not lazy. He couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo mind. Not in Modric or Parker’s class but much better player than Huddlestone.

  7. i wouldnt like faulin to be sold to anyone i thought he was our best player last season and he just keeps getting better work rate is 100 percent pure class. i would like to see dafoe at qpr.
    we could have tevez on loan then he could go and sulk with
    tarbat for company!!

  8. Faulin is a good loyal player which is rare these days QPR are a team on the up if we survive this year who knows how much money we will have to spend and money buys you the Prem look at Blackburn, Chelsea, Man City, So spurs fans in the next 4 years we might be challenging your 4 spot and Faulin is only 25 might want to be a part of that. £££££££


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