Kaboul moves into the ‘undroppable’ zone

Kaboul moves into the ‘undroppable’ zone


After we suggested that William Gallas would walk straight back into the side for Monday night’s game against Aston Villa, it was obvious, following Younes Kaboul’s performance in the match that the younger French defender has become one of the first names on Harry Redknapp’s team sheet.

Harry himself hailed Kaboul after the match,

“Younes Kaboul’s heading was incredible, he dominated,” said Harry, before going on to claim that the centre half is finally beginning to realise his potential.

But it wasn’t just the heading that stood out as Kaboul showed deceptive pace to track and rob the speedy Gabriel Agbonlahor on occasions.

Recognition at full international level will have helped his form and his new found consistency will doubtless lead to more rumours of transfer bids from his homeland and beyond.

For the time being however, Younes Kaboul has taken advantage of injuries sustained to some of his team mates and never mind William Gallas, when Michael Dawson eventually returns to full fitness it seems likely that he will also have to wait his turn behind the dominant Kaboul.


  1. Kaboul has turned into Ledley king, but with two knees instead of one. The tackle on Agbonlahor where he ran half the length of the pitch reminded me of Ledleys tackle on Robben when we beat Chelsea under Jol, WHL went wild. COYS

    • Not yet. Kaboul has a long way to go for that, but he is doing well. Kaboul is playing well BECAUSE King is next to him. Whilst on this run, it would be silly to tinker with the defence. Even if BOTH Gallas and Dawson become available – Kaboul should stay in until someone ousts him – or we stop winning.

      • Sell Dawson or swap him for Samba. Dawson has been highlighted as the has-been he is, compared to the form kaboul has been in. No more long balls and missed tackles since daws has been off, just intelligence from Kaboul. Refreshing

  2. Thought he was piss poor against city (who wasn’t?) but has really found some form in the last 10 games or so. Playing alongside Ledley helps of course.

    • The line-up against Citeh was a horror. Next time around the team will (hopefully) include King and Parker. And by then (again hopefully) Lennon will have hit form making the Citeh fullbacks stay back and defend.

      As for Kaboul, nice to see we are seeing what we were hyped up the first time around when he arrived from Auxerre. Here’s to the long reign of King and Kaboul. I really hope I haven’t jinxed Spurs!

  3. Been saying this for weeks Kaboul is undroppable he has held the defence together single handedly,even with the inept basssong alongside him kaboul was immense , he is alongside a certain few others first name on the teamsheet every time!!!

  4. Interesting juxtaposition, is Ledley making Kaboul look good, or has the table turned, and its now the other way round? If it hasnt, I dont think it will be long at this rate…

  5. i love the guy, he has improved more than any other player in our squad and his talents are now shinning through. Great tackler, much better positional play, good distribution, excellent in the air, very quick over short distances and has a captain / leader feel about him. I even rate the guy at right back. Brilliant stuff.

  6. So most of you have finally come to realise what an animal/specimen Spurs have in their midst, been saying it all along that Younis Kaboul could become a great player for us one day given the chance and I will now gloat for a while. The guy has everything, pace, power, passion and skill. I’ve seen him captain the French youth teams all the way up to under 21’s now he’s a recognised full French International and flourishing at Spurs. The King has quite a lot to do with that but this boy will take over one day from Ledley and bring another of our youngsters through just like Ledley is now doing with him. What a prospect for us for the future. Harry knows this boys potential and quality as he bought him for Portsmouth from us and very quickly bought him back when he became our manager. He went through a little dodgy period but I put that down to experience. Noe of course, various news hounds (namely the daily fail and other no class rags) who have allegiances to other clubs, through jealousy, will promptly start trying to sell him off to all and sundry as they have been trying to do with certain other Spurs players but I have faith that DL will no longer under any circumstances sell our best players and long may that strong stance continue.

    • I have been saying the same thing since HR brought him back from Portsmouth, to be gromed by King to take over when he moves to backroom staff and have Dawson next to him.

  7. Kaboul has been immense. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He has all the natural ability and athleticism that Ledley has, but Kaboul is, however, an idiot.

    He will continue to make stupid decisions every once in a while. It’s in his nature, unfortunately.

    • pbro, so Dawson doesnt make the occassional stupid decision then? All defenders worldwide make the occassional stupid decision so I guess they are all idiots in that case.

  8. kaboul very good player as everything with a bonus this guy does not drink so he will last longer which is good news us spurs what a steal at 7.5mill

  9. kaboul has improved – so lets not get carried away ay Pete.. He still is inclined to get caught ball watching and until he has as many attributes as ledley, to either disguise or simply outgrow this costly trait,this does indeed make him : almost as good and ledley – who has played for three seasons with one knee.. so again lets keep things in perspective. Lets hope that he is turning a corner and will indeed eventually earn the right to be spoken in the same vain as ledley, there is only one king !!!

  10. I like Kaboul a lot, but feel he still needs to be a bit sharper to be as good as Ledley. However I feel he will sharpen up and be our future captain, as he has leadership qualities about him. Also, if need be, he is a first class player to cover us in other positions, such as on the right, (front or back) defensive midfield, all those positions he could do a great job, and hoping this man is here for the long term.

  11. How quickly people forget his performances against United, City and Wolves. He is improving and has played 4 good games this season, hardly undroppable. Thankfully Ledley is able to teach him and he has improved his concentration, meaning he makes less positional errors. Early days but he is doing well at the moment. The team is winning so picks itself and gives Gallas proper recovery time.

  12. The author says even Dawson implying that Dawson should be higher in the pecking order than Gallas this has to be a joke. Dawson is a donkey a poor man’s JT (who I don’t rate either). If everyone is fit KING, and Gallas are our best centre halves followed by Kaboul, Dawson is on a par with Bassong it is only because he is English that he gets such support it is the blue eyed boy syndrome again I think.

    • Idiot!! Dawson is a much better player and JT is a poor man’s Dawson. On the Kaboul story though, he is playing really well this season and I don’t hink he is the next King but his own player in his own right. I know it’s fashionable to label someone as soon as they hit some headlines but they work well together and should be left to get on with it while things are going well and both are fit. He has clearly grown up and we got rid of him too quickly first time round but Harry has seen to that. Let’s just push on from here and put pressure on United

  13. Who are you calling an idot you prick if you think Dawson is ahead of King, Gallas or Kaboul you know fcuk all about football you tool! Dawson is just a blood and thuder defender with no pace and not much skill a poor man’s JT if ever there was one.

      • Oh and as for JT not being any good. Really?? You cannot knock people’s knowledge of the game and say Terry isnt any good. Him and a fit King would have been the best CB pairing the world has seen together.

        • Clueless. Terry has always been slow, never been particularly good positionally, never been great on the ball. He is brave and committed that’s it. That doesn’t make a great defender. King is on a totally different level, genuinely two footed, great positionally, even now is quick, reads the game well, good in the air, strong there is no weakness to his game. It’s like chalk and cheese.

      • Yeah put the 4th best cb first, makes loads of sense. Dawson is poor positionally, slow in mind and body, makes poor decisions, is weak in possession and distribution the only attribute he has is bravery just like JT a poor defender only hyped because he is English. Dawson only looks 1/2 decent along side a player like King or Gallas as they instruct him through games. Without that is is useless.

  14. Ive always liked the guy. Didnt think he should have been sold. But…………”one of the first names on the team sheet”??? (In no order, except ahead of YK and starting at the back) Friedel, Walker, BAE, Bale, Lennon, Modric, Parker, VDV, Ady………….Then maybe YK! The only reason he is ahead of any of them at the moment is if ‘arry starts at the back. Then its……….Friedel,Walker, BAE, YK and whos fit to go with him. Either way, 4th name but really, 10th

    • Morgan at the moment the team picks itself so it doesnt matter the order all of them go onto the team sheet and theres no negotiation.

      Defoe, Sandro and Gallas are the 3 waiting in the wings but the only chance they will get to get into the starting line up would be injuries.

      Think of poor Krancjar last time we saw him he set up 1 against Wolves and then was excellent against Liverpool

  15. Frankly, I really hope we dont have to use Dawson again this campaign. I’d much rather see the Kaboul/King partnership or any variation of Kaboul, King, Gallas. Dawson is a committed, blood, guts Spurs through-and-through player and I admire him for that. But he makes too many unnecessary mistakes, is often outwitted and, worse of all, his distribution is too often a huge hoof upfield…not something that would fit in with our current style of play.

  16. Kaboul had improved greatly. His physical presence is awesome and his speed and positioning is also catching the eye, but there is only one Ledley King. Dodgy knees or not, he’s still the first name down in defence and anyone suggesting Kaboul is making him look good is kidding themselves. They are simply turning into a great partnership, and that is what we have been missing for so long; consistency at centre back. King has already played almost as many games as he did all last season. Long may it continue.

  17. Kaboul is great, but king is still the main guy. In fact his fitness is probably the biggest factor for our success. Parker, modric, vdv, and others will get plaudits but king is our main guy. We certainly missed him in the run in last season

  18. Did anyone see the interview with King where he was asked how he is managing to play more this season….. His answer was Parker and stats prove ledley is having to run 40% less due to Scotty’s work ethic in front of the back 4.

  19. I hope we can keep everyone fit we would have one hell of a squad, your looking at a bench of:

  20. Besides the outpacing of Agbonlahor and muscle he showed Heskey for me his moment on Monday was the diving headed clearance that must have travelled 30 yards ! That takes confidence and awearness.Yes he is being tutored by the best but he has learnt quickly. Not so long ago Benni was being labelled a risk,but not anymore. Kaboul is now a shoein as far as I’m concerned.

  21. We seem to be ridding our squad of injuries that has taken its toll in the past. We should be grateful that we have able defenders to come to our rescue when the chips are down.
    The answer to having an injury free team is rotation!


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