No complaints from Defoe this term

No complaints from Defoe this term


For much of last season, Jermain Defoe was very vocal in his displeasure at being left on the bench at times, even though his form on the pitch didn’t warrant a guaranteed place in the starting XI.

This campaign started much more brightly for JD, but despite striking up an instant rapport with Emmanuel Adebayor, he has had to wait his turn behind free scoring Rafael van der Vaart.

In spite of claims that a January transfer to QPR is imminent, Defoe has insisted that he will stay at the Lane and fight for his place.

“Fans who have probably read things come up to me every day and say, ‘Don’t leave the club’. I was at a charity dinner the other night when a fan came up and said it to me,” he said.

“I’ve done it before – when I went to Portsmouth and scored my goals to remind people what I can do – but I am committed to Tottenham. I love the club and I love the fans. It’s a really important time for the club. Everyone wants to play their part and I’m no different.”

To be fair to Jermain, there is no grumbling so far although last season, he may have been justified in being a little disgruntled at having to wait his turn behind Crouch and Pavlyuchenko. This term, it’s hard to complain when you consider the current form of Ade and VDV so it looks as though he will have to wait his turn for the short term at least.


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