Spurs manager Harry Redknapp conceded that Roy Hodgson’s resilient West Brom side made it tough for Spurs at White Hart Lane last night and the boss was just grateful for three points at the end of the match.

Jermain Defoe broke the deadlock after the hour mark and Spurs held on but Harry agreed that it was tough,

“It was very important for us to stay up there and it was a hard night,” said Harry.

“They had injuries, Roy set them up to be difficult to beat and they were difficult to break down.

“They were sitting in deep and there was no space. We like to hit teams on the counter-attack but if they aren’t coming out, it’s very difficult.

“They did their jobs, closed all the holes and we couldn’t find too many gaps to get into to create the chances.

“In the end, Jermain stuck a goal away and that was the difference, but it wasn’t easy for us.”

The win keeps Spurs in third on 42 points – three points behind Manchester United – and by winning our game in hand next week we could open up an eight point gap over fourth placed Chelsea.

Before that Everton game next Wednesday however, it’s Cheltenham in the cup at the weekend.



  1. They were just an amateur version of Stoke, same parking the bus, same time wasting, same thuggish tactics, but nowhere near as experienced

  2. I thought that once again Spurs dug deep and won a game that in previous years they would let slip. This team has an astonishing range of weapons. Defoe scored a goal that few other strikers in the Prmiership would have scored and probably one that Ade and VDV could not have managed.

  3. Just glad to get the 3 points tho WBA were never gonna try to leave their own half til we scored. Wow they really are dull, and dirty. Targeting of Bale was a disgrace. Shame about the injuries. Gallas was immense and Livermore looked useful too. Wondering now if we should have kept Townsend

  4. I was trying to think why I was so angry about last night even though Spurs won. Pikey hit the nail right on the head. WBA only came to defend. Is that what this game is about? If that is the attitude then it is disgraceful and makes a total mockery of the game. Hodgson might be well respected and I know they had injures but surely they have to realise that they have to contribute to the game. It is after all about the fans watching it and paying good cash for it.


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