Or knowing Spurs, probably neither: However, there is increasing speculation that defensive cover will be brought in at the Lane this month and there are two players currently dominating the reports.

Christopher Samba is no stranger to these rumours and at the start of the season he hinted at a possible move, suggesting that he’d had enough of playing his football at the wrong end of the table. A departure for the 27 year old could condemn Rovers to relegation but it’s thought that Venky’s are keen to get the defender’s £60,000 a week off the wage bill.

The James Tomkins rumour seemed to start yesterday and while it’s not unknown for Spurs to plunder West Ham for their best players, there hasn’t really been anyone of any real interest for a while now.

Tomkins is just 22 but a big future is predicted. If he were to arrive at the Lane however, it’s unclear as to whether he can walk straight into the first team in the way that Samba would expect.

£8m is the fee being touted around for both players and if Harry aims for just one, who should it be.



  1. hands down samba all the way i like the thought samba has an immense presence in both boxes. we are so weak from corners in an attacking sense samba would improve that easily….

  2. Neither, wait or recall Caulker! King, Gallas, Kaboul can do the job and if we get really desperate dawson can step in..but only if we’re absolutely desperate. Nope scratch that..we should never be that desperate. I’ve seen Livermore put in a good stint at CB too?

  3. Samba. So strong in the air and that is what we need in the English game. He is also great from attacking set pieces too – something we never seem to score from.

  4. Samba I would have him over Dawson, Gallas and Bassong

    Kaboul and King should start but Samba will improve our ratio of goals from corners….I watched him closely against United and Liverpool and the guy is immense…playing with 3 youngsters in Hanley, Lowe and Hamley he just clears everything and everytime he goes forward defenders fear him

  5. Samba – all day long.

    Look how we struggled to cope with Stoke Rubgy Club, bring in the beast and let him rough up players like Walters or Kevin Davis who’s whole game is about bullying, would love to see them try it on with Samba!

  6. Not watched Tomkins much, but he is at a better age for us. We do not need another senior CB right now. I would much rather stick with King, Daws, Kaboul, and have Caulker and Tomkins battle it out to show who should stay, and who should be loaned out. I am not so hot on Samba.

  7. Samba is a beast and would be a good replacement for Gallas at the end of the season. Caulker is currently playing in a very good Swansea side who conceed very few goals, so he’d be my pick to be recalled infront of going out and buying Tomkins.
    Next season: King (used sparingly, CL games perhaps!!) Kaboul, Daws, Samba, Caulker


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