This might have been a good week to play Stevenage in the cup but as it is, Spurs have to try and bounce back from Sunday’s defeat with a positive result against Manchester United on Sunday. Several players are voicing the need to stay ‘focused’ and avoid the flat feeling that is accompanying some of the fans at the moment.

Emmanuel Adebayor put Spurs 2-0 up on Sunday and he highlighted the need for positivity ahead of this weekend’s game.

“After losing 5-2 to Arsenal we can’t ask for a bigger challenge than playing Manchester United, but we are looking forward to it. It will be a tough game but I think we are ready for it,” Ade said.

“We just have to show personality and character and bounce back as quickly as possible.”

The Togolese striker also felt that Spurs should have won the game after his penalty doubled our early lead.

“After my penalty I thought the game was over,” he added “but they showed good character. “Unfortunately we didn’t manage to beat them but the season is long, we just have to keep focused and keep going.”

An international break tonight means there is no welcome diversion but the collective hope is for some better news on Sunday.




  1. Last night a team led 4-2 with ten mins left they lost 5-4 and it could have been 6. This would not mean anything but once again three goals came from the tunnel or after half time and the same happened at Chelsea. I would bet my house if teams stayed on the pitch most of these game would end differently. I have seen teams look tired and beaten come out and play like the game has just kicked of. When we went 1-0 up my heart sank because we disturbed a nest of wasps 2-0 made it even worse we fell for our dominance when i could see there energy had not kicked in yet what i learned it takes 15 mins and our states show we have scored more goals before this time than any team. Utd have not conceded in this time and there late goal means they don’t tire i knew this already if enough fans highlight this top up work rate players will think twice. We can win this game but Ferguson is already ramping the stakes up by telling his team they could win the title if they beat us. This is yet another signal to up there work rate and its not Fergie who does it but rouge back room staff this is what i discovered four seasons ago. When Kolo Toure got caught the FA tried to keep it quite but it got leaked and then it was damage limitation i had been righting about it for a few seasons telling fans what was being used before and at half time so the FA could not let a player from the top division ruin there image. The B sample was the longest on record before it became public not Ephedrine but a slimming supplement from is wife a drug i no because my daughters salon sold it till it was banned for killing people. I thought with my evidence and Toure getting caught it would stop but the FA Bottled it by giving him a paltry 5 month ban back dated and excepting he had a weight problem. This was a staggering excuse from a footballer who was training at a top club. He only got caught because he was sub in the Derby when Utd won all the points with an overhead kick from Roony another player who got sent away to america to get fit and he came back flying and swearing City finished 3rd with a great defence Arsenal 4th Chelsea second and Utd top with top up/ So if we upset them before half time look out for a second half onslaught like Asoles 3 goals UTD have done it before

  2. By the way! Where are all those Spurs fans who have been crowing about being a bigger club than the Mighty Arsenal? One sound spanking from The Glorious Gunners and you’ve all crawled back into the rotten woodwork of your decrepit slum of a stadium.

    Form is temporary; Class is permanent!

    • 7 points behind and still the Mighty Arsenal? Who’s crowing now? CLASS my arse!! thought you are just a bunch of sore losers…. but sore winners too!! Same-Pathetic Gooner!!


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