During Tottenham’s run of poor form, one of the problem positions has been on the right wing where, in the absence of Aaron Lennon, the manager has almost too many options. Kranjcar, VDV, Sandro and Jake Livermore can all fill in but some of Tottenham’s best runs in the Premier League have coincided with Lennon at his best.

Reports today suggest that Aaron has trained all weekend in a bid to be fit for tomorrow night’s game against Bolton but is he important enough to be held back for the visit of Swansea?

That question does rather assume that our priority is the league and you have to agree with that sentiment to an extent before answering the question.

As yet we don’t have an Eden Hazard or even a Milos Krasic to call upon so just how important is Aaron Lennon to our quest for Champions League football next season? Should he be rested for the Swansea game or is one of the players mentioned above a better option on the right?




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  1. I reckon we can afford to play a 4-4-2 with VDV on the right against Bolton. I can’t see their left-back getting forward much so tracking back won’t be a massive issue…

    Need Lennon for the Swansea game – it’s madness to rush him back considering how often he has broken down this season. Get him right first!!

  2. Don’t rush him. I was at the Stevenage game when he did the hammy the last time. It was totally innocuous that we should give him as much time as it takes. If it is the end of season, then so be it. We miss him, but there is little point if it restricts him.

  3. Errrrrr…….A month ago would have been nice. Good to see all the plastic fans now calling for Lennon to be first on the team sheet, these were the same guys calling him useless 2 months ago!!!!!

    Harry has a lot to answer regarding our wingers, how can a team that relies so heavily on them only have 2 in the squad?????

  4. Why has Kyle Walker not been tried on the right with Kaboul say doing right back duties? It worked with Bale and Walker has pace and a good cross.
    That way we could hold Lennon back until fully fit and still have some width that we so badly need.
    Otherwise I think play Lennon for half the game and then he will get some much needed match fitness and hopefully we will be too strong for Bolton.

  5. Surely you have one of the strongest squads in the Premiership, at least that’s what the press and your own fans where saying earlier in the season. Now it seems you’re reliant on one winger, a broken down crock of a centre back and an on loan money-grabbing striker.

    Just how many Spurs players would get a start at Arsenal right now? None!

  6. Have lennon on bench give him 10-20minutes in second half depending on how game is going, Think we should have vdv on bench can’t afford for him to pick up injury 4 games in 10 days might b pushing it with his hamstrings he can always come off the bench if needed. I wouldn’t risk gallas either.
    Cudicini walker kaboul king BAE, livermore parker modric bale,defoe ADE


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