Spurs manager Harry Redknapp suggested that he will ‘ring the changes’ for tonight’s game against Bolton and that makes the starting XI a little harder to predict.

“I will freshen it up against Bolton, change things around a little, but this is a big game for us. We want to get to Wembley,” Harry said.

Of course there is a limit on how much can be done largely due to the number of players out on loan added to some long term injuries. However, players in the frame tonight could include Livermore, Rose, Kranjcar, Nelsen and even Dos Santos.

How much will Harry shake it up? Here’s how we think the starting XI will look but what do you think?




    • What a load of turd that team is, Harry hasnt risked coulibaly so far he isnt going to through him in at the deep end against a big powerful back 4, Redders’ loves the cup as much as his wife and im sure hel be going all out to get through, im sure by his changes he means resting (ageing) players and using this game for some of the recently returning injured players to get some valuable minutes, my prediction for the game is:

      Walker, Kaboul, Nelsen, Rose
      Lennon, Livermore, Parker, Bale,
      Defoe, VdV/Saha

      Id go for the strongest team, no reason to suggest players cant play twice in a week sure the standard is (sometimes) better than that of sunday league but we all play twice a week

      Walker, Kaboul, Gallas, Benny the legend
      Lennon, Parker, Modric, Bale
      Defoe, Ade

      • For competition! For cover! Kyle cannot/should not play all 38 league games, plus at least (hopefully) 6 or 8 CL games before knockout stage, plus maybe a number of league cup and FA cup games….

  1. Strongest team. It’s only Tuesday – not playing again til Sunday!

    Maybe rest Parker and give Defoe a run but full strength after that. Does no-one want to win the cup?!

  2. just my opinion rory, obviously i wont be picking the team…i often watch the under 18s etc and coulibaly and pritchard stand out for me,,,luongo will be a good player too

    • I agree that there are many Spurs youngsters like Pritchard, Falque, Ceballos, Mason, Parrett, Carroll, Coulibaly, Luongo, Lancaster, who could all step up, if given the opportunity. Unfortunately Harry prefers a quick fix by bringing in experienced players and rarely gives young players a chance. Livermore was an exception to the rule, and got lucky.

      • All step up to what? None are ready for the Premier League and none are ready for an FA Cup quarter final against a Premier League team.

        They are future players, not current players. Harry has been quite right not to play them, we certainly wouldn’t have been 3rd (which is where we will finish having played the top 7 twice now) all season had we played any of them.

        • It has not been suggested to pick young players for this important game. In general, this season, there have been plenty of times when a young player could have been given a chance. For example, it would be better to play a youngster in their natural position rather than playing an experienced player out of position. How can you say that none of them are ready for the premier league when they have never had the chance to do so? How do you think they will ever get experience of playing in the Premier league?

          • The youngsters have been played in the Europa League and the Carling Cup. These are the only games they can be picked in, they can not possibly be picked for any Premier League games unless of course you want us to finish mid table.

    • Pritchard is a class player. Loads of creativity and skill. If the manager was Brendan Rodgers, he would be playing some games by now. Wenger would also be playing him as he has more potential than Wilshere. Harry only plays youngsters who have been loaned out and proved themselves in lower teams. It is a different type of football played in league one and two, to the premiership. There is less creativity, so it may not always be the best way to prepare creative players.

  3. Cudicini,Khumalo,Nelsen,Gallas,Rose,Kranjčar,Livermore,Sandro,dos Santos,Defoe,Saha FTW…Swansea awaits our 1st 11 on Sunday

  4. ——————Cudicini—————-




  5. We need this trophy guys.no fielding a weak team.
    Cudicini,Kaboul Nelsen Gallas Rose,Livermore.Dos santos,Modric,Saha,Defoe Kranjcar

  6. cudicini

    walker gallas nelson BAE
    Lennon Livermore Sandro Bale

    Defoe Saha

    would give lennon 60mins and take him off and go with a strong bench just in case we need to change it – would leave parker out entirely as he’s key to the run in

  7. ——————Cudicini—————

  8. The main thing is to have a proper team shape. In the last few games the shape has been all over the place. The game against Chelsea was a big improvement over Everton, Stoke, Man Utd and Arsenal because Bale was on the left and didn’t wander as much as he has been. Modric was also in central midfield. There was still a huge problem on the right which needs to be addressed. Krancjar, Modric and Van Der Vaart all drift into the centre when forced to play on the right. Harry needs to address this by playing someone who can actually stay on the right of midfield. The only players that could do this are Walker, Falque and Livermore.

  9. Really surprised by the number of people suggesting we’ll field similar teams to those we put out against Cheltenham or Watford in early rounds. This is a Quarter Final against Premier League opposition!

    I think there’ll be a couple of changes from Saturday but not wholesale ones!

    Assou Ekotto

    Subs –
    Friedel, Rose, Gallas, Lennon, Modric, VDV, Saha

  10. Cudicini; Walker, Nelson, King, Assou-Ekotto; Santos, Sandro, Modric, Bale; Defoe, Saha.

    Personally, I’d rather use Nelson and King for the cup, while keeping Kaboul and Gallas free for league fixtures. I’d also expect to see Lennon feature at some point, depending on how the game is going.


  11. Seen Nelson play a few times now he is such a liability, worst player on the pitch against Stevenage, really hope Harry plays kaboul and Galls

  12. Friedel
    Walker Nelsen Kaboul Rose
    Kranjcar Livermore Modric Bale
    Defoe Saha

    BAE and Parker have played so many games and I think their replacements will handle the game fine.

    Give VDV a rest or he’ll do his calf, thigh and hamstring triple whammy as usual.

    Let Lennon have 20 mins or so.

  13. Saha and Defoe will play obviously, as will Cudicini, Sandro, BAE, Nelsen and Gallas.

    That leaves in all probability Bale playing and Lennon given 60 or 70 minutes before being replaced by Krancjar. Kaboul may be moved to right back if Harry wants to give Walker a rest again. That just leaves central midfield where Krancjar can’t play so a choice of 3 VDV, Modric or Livermore. I suspect Livermore will come on later with Modric starting and VDV on the bench.

    One thing is for certain an FA Cup quarter final is not the time to give Smith a start or Rose (who needs more substitute appearances) or Dos Santos who is simply a waste of space. We are playing a Premier league team not a non league side, thinking we can just put out anyone (as some team selections here seem to suggest) and win is arrogant and absurd.

    In an ideal world we would be 3-0 up at half time and bring on a couple of subs.

  14. I agree with you Steve, not the team I would choose but what I think harry will go with. Except Cudicni in goal, he played against Bolton last Saturday no reason to change.

  15. To be honest I think ‘Arry should go with his strongest team possible in order to continue building on the apparent resurgence in confidence that is starting to reappear after the second half against Stoke and Saturday’s game at Chelsea.





  16. My God!! I dont believe some of those line ups. This is the game which can get us to Wembley. Bolton will be very much up for it, maybe more so now than the first game (and we didnt do very well in the first half of that game). We should always play our strongest side and then if we get a good lead start bring on the subs. I cant believe we would throw this golden opportunity away. Hope we have learnt a bit about defending corners….probably not!.

  17. Give Parker a rest, but have him on the bench. Give Walker a chance on the right wing.


    Livermore Gallas Kaboul BAE

    Walker Sandro Modric Bale


    • First you are saying that we should pick a line-up with a proper shape, and then you suggest a team with a defender in midfield and a midfielder in defence????? Swap Livermore and Walker around for goodness sake. Walker has shown that he can attack from full back – and Livermore can cover the runs.

  18. Cudicini
    Lennon (if ready, if not kranjcar)
    Dos Santos

    Playing ledley tonight as we all know he wont survive the run in, so gallas is the one i believe we need to keep fit. same with VDV and manu, and we all agree scotty needs a rest. Dos santos i think is the one gamble i’ve got in there, but with livermore and sandro behind him, he should have the freedom a player like himself needs. COYS

  19. I’ve got a worrying feeling Bolton are (naturally) going to be really up for this and we’re going to be all sheepish and nice – and get overrun.

    Anyway I agree about Ledley not standing up to the run-in, so use him tonight. Parker is knackered. And since Lennon isn’t fit, how about trying Walker as right wing – and using Kaboul as a right-back, going 4-2-3-1 like this…

    Kaboul – Gallas – King – Rose / BAE
    Sandro – Livermore
    Walker – Modric – Bale
    Adebayor / Defoe

  20. I’m expecting to see:

    Kaboul – Gallas – Nelsen – Rose
    Modric – Sandro – Livermore – Kranjcar
    Defoe – Adebayor

    I’d like to see:

    Walker – Gallas – Kaboul – BAE
    Sandro – Livermore
    Modric – VdV – Bale

    Bolton will be more up for it than us, and I suspect we’ll get a replay at best – 2-2 tonight.

  21. In Harry we trust (have a word with him Levy 🙁 ) to pick our strongest team.. need that semi with Cheatski .. It will be a cracking game and bring the prestige back to the FA cup ! COYS 🙂

  22. Won’t be too daring a selection from harry, therefore I think it will be:
    Cudicini, Walker, Kaboul, King, Rose, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, Adebayor, Defoe (BAE & VDV rested)

  23. No point making wholesale changes we still need a strong side out there, I’d rest vdv 4 games in 10 days is tempting fate with his dodgy hamstrings, he can always come on off the bench if needed, gallas is to important for run in to play so if king fit he plays. Normally I’d say rest parker but It’s likely to b a game of high emotion so his charachter is needed out there.
    4-4-2 Gk cudicini rb walker cb kaboul king lb BAE, rm livermore cm parker modric lw Bale st Defoe ADE, subs Friedal rose gallas lennon sandro vdv saha
    I do think pritchard is good enough but it might b better to have him introduced to 1st team in summer.
    If lennon is ready give him 10 mins in 2nd half depending how game is set. if game is won get sandro on for parker & either rose for bale or saha for ADE

  24. Since it is an important match that we have to win, we must field a strong team. Some of the line-ups above are not strong enough. I favour Defoe to start alongside Adebayor. Saha could come in later if necessary.

  25. My choice of team to start off:

  26. Please it’s simple same team as against Blackburn but dos santos in for lennon if he is not fit. We can’t be changing from 4-5-1 to 4-4-2 just for Defoe and then have excuses becouse of formmation like against Norwich


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