Is he admiring or preparing a bid?

Is he admiring or preparing a bid?


Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has declared an admiration for Luka Modric and that has rather predictably sparked a media frenzy that suggests that the club are preparing a summer bid for our Croatian midfielder.

Here’s what Mancini actually said,

“Luka Modric is an outstanding footballer, a great player,” Mancini told The Sun.

“He is definitely one of the best in the Premier League, but it is by no means easy to get him because he plays for a big club, Tottenham. It is unlikely that they would let him leave.”

As we’ve seen many times with Harry Redknapp, a declaration of admiration for a player is one thing but it very rarely results in a bid in the way that some areas of the media are suggesting.

After the Chelsea saga of last summer however, a scramble for Luka’s signature could be on the cards again but the promise of Champions League football at White Hart Lane could go some way towards avoiding that scenario.




  2. If he offers 50m then think we should accept modrics hart isn’t in it anymore and least if he went. city we wouldnt have to see him play every week as he would probably be on the bench!

  3. take £50 mil and let him go-sinclair from swansea would be a good cheap replacement plus it would give us the money to go for hazard and lorenti and please do not entertain adebeyor(he’s crap) don’t forget hud will be back next season

  4. What a load of bollocks, how on earth did Modric get on Mancini’s agenda at his weekly press conference unless a wanker in the press brought up the subject by asking Mancini about Modric. If any of you think that Daniel Levy will just sell any of Spurs best players to our competitors you’d best think again besides, Modric still has a little over three years remaining on his contract. All of this bullshit is media driven and I may add without any substance from Spurs decision makers and until that time keep dreaming you faggots. You might as well add that Van Pussy is off to either Barca or Madrid at the end of the year as he still hasnt committed himself to the Arse has he.

  5. Anyone surprised that just when were regaining form other managers & pundits start talking openly about modric & harry for England again. They really don’t want us finishing top 4

      • so why would anybody want to see loads of Sh*ts in our league? it will give a slap to Premier league in the world if spuds finish in top 4!

        • Hey rotten ham, what an apt moniker. L’arse is a pale shadow of glorious Tottenham and thats why it is the rotten half, cut from the d’arse of a hog.

  6. D Doc, it’s no surprise at all, we’ve just got to get used to it until Spurs become regulars at the very top of the league on a consistant basis. At the moment, our players and club are there to be shot at from the low lifes in the media who have their pwn agenda but the players have got to step up despite all the talk about Redknapp for England, Modric subject to offers from every Tom, Dick and Harry and the gobshite masquerading as the Welsh team manager offering his opinion who Bale should or could play for.

  7. It doesn’t help that Arry loves ANY attention so much he couldn’t keep his mouth shut if you paid him.

    From The Guardian: “Luka Modric could be tempted by Manchester City, says Harry Redknapp. ‘If someone offers £200,000 a week, it would turn his head.'”

    Levy must be delighted.

    • I read elsewhere that it could be a bit of reverse psychology, that it puts a number into Modder’s head and if MC didn’t match it then its casts a doubt about how much they want him. All said, if a player has his heart elsewhere then we might as well get the most out of it and inflict the most damage to a top 4-competitor by insisting they match the ask price and match the player’s £200k/week.


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