Transfer focus has been on younger players in the last 24 hours and after it was reported that Spurs had turned down an approach from QPR for Alex Pritchard, it’s been suggested that the club is considering an approach for 23 year old Scunthorpe keeper Sam Slocombe.
Slocombe has been with the iron since 2008 but this is something of a breakthrough season for him with an impressive haul of clean sheets in Scunthorpe’s season. As a result, it’s believed that many Premiership clubs have taken an interest in the 23 year old and that Spurs are just one of them.
Tottenham have to plan for a long term successor to Brad Friedel but does Sam Slocombe really fit the bill at this stage?




  1. If he costs more than half a million and wants more than five grand a week Levy wont sign him.

    Like Gallas and King Friedal is on his last legs, we can let you have Almounia on loan if you like.

  2. He’s on about £500 a week at Scunny and our chairman will take any reasonable offer.
    Hell we even sold Neil Cox to Aston Villa for seats!

  3. A (Sym)pathetic gooner deriding Levy for being parsimonious. Fat Stan is the last of the big spenders in his parallel universe. Keep quiet and let us merely think you’re an idiot. No need to post a moronic comment to confirm. Idiocy is taken as a given in your case. Be green in the other sense and save energy.

  4. Yes! me again.

    There is parsimonious and prudent. Arsenal buy quality at sensible prices.

    Levy would like to do the same but lacks the football knowledge to do so.

    • I think he’s doing just fine really. It’s really that we can’t seem to compete on the big stage for sensible signings because 1st. Top players don’t have the desire to play for us over the bigger wage, and 2. We are not a consistent Champion’s League side. We would love to believe we are both, but we simply are not. The best is to develop young potential stars, and see where that gets us. That will be the best way to sustain our club, and one or two smart buys here and there will be good. We cannot produce an entire club like that of Arsenal and ManU through just reputation, and we don’t have the funds to compete with the likes of Chelsea and ManCity for wages as well.


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