The first main deal of the summer is done with reserve midfielder Niko Kranjcar leaving Spurs and joining Dynamo Kiev on a four year deal. Not sure where that leaves my bet on the Croatian becoming top Tottenham goalscorer at the Euros but for now, we obviously wish him all the best.

As the club pointed out on their official website, Niko made 72 appearances for Spurs since joining in 2009 and he scored 11 goals in that time.

News of his departure was greeted with mixed comments on the social networking sites. Some fans giving their thanks but suggesting that he was never quite good enough while others claimed that he was never given a fair chance and was a victim of Harry’s unwillingness to rotate the squad.

With that in mind, which of these viewpoints do you share?




  1. If Modric wasn’t in the squad he would start. He’d be an amazing player if he wasn’t slower than a electric wheelchair

  2. The fee was £5.5m which is more than decent money for him, i honestly didn’t think he was quite good enough for Spurs but i wish him all the best. He was very good at Pompey but lets face it they were a low end premiership team and Spurs should always be pushing for europe.

    • Low end priemiership team a bit like where Harry found you holding the rest of the league up. Totally fucking delluded pigmys

  3. I liked Niko, very skillful and a great shot. It’s a shame harry couldn’t find his best position, or rotate enough to keep some players happy.
    I read it was £5.5m, if so not a bad sum to get for a player who probably wouldn’t play much next year, but for me it is a loss to the squad.

  4. Like Scott says, Harry didn’t have enough intelligence to rotate the squad, hence a player of Niko’s ability leaves. A couple of seasons ago when Luka broke his leg Niko played a blinder and was a huge factor in us getting CL football. Just goes to show that with a decent run in the team, the guy was quality. People have very short-term memories.

    • Same could be said of Bassong when we bagged CL, but like Kranjcar this was forgotten & players seem to become alienated by Harry, players at Spurs become bad when they are frozen out & their confidence becomes fragile. Only depth gets you through a tough season with success, yet HR bangs on about a lack in depth when there are good players festering, he loans out Pienaar who does wonders at Everton whilst Lennon is injured & Bale is clearly tired!

  5. Chim Chim Cher Woo, obviously your teams site is so boring you have to come on here you tit!
    This is for Spurs fans so stay off you moron!!

  6. Great player who was wasted by Redknapp. He is a central midfield player who was always played out of position on the left and right. Redknapp is clueless when it comes to rotating the squad and has no interest or ability in coaching and developing young players.


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