It was an extraordinary night for the rumour mills with regards to Harry Redknapp’s future at Spurs but was there any truth in the stories or was it merely outrageous gossip as has been suggested?

The rumours seemed to start appearing on the social networking platforms around late afternoon and it seemed at one point as if a definitive announcement may be imminent.

In time however, Harry appeared to deny the claims

“No, I haven’t resigned, and I have no idea why it is being suggested that I have resigned,” he said.

“This is an outrage; an absolute liberty for people to be putting around this kind of rumour on the internet. It is not true, there is not a chance I will resign. Why should I? I have a year left on my contract.”

There are suggestions however that Daniel Levy is furious that the club missed out on automatic qualification after surrendering a ten point lead in third place. Although Spurs did technically finish in the Champions League places, third spot was there for the taking and there would have been no need to even watch that agonising Champions League final.

So where is the truth? At the moment it’s unclear but it seems certain that it will be revealed very shortly.



  1. did mr levy not offer rednapp a new 3 year contract when all the england crap was going on and he decided to wait and see if he was getting the england job
    he can’t have his cake and eat it
    i think harry has done really well but has taken us as far as he can-so it may be time to move on

    • After all the good he’s done for us he still only has a less then 50% win record over all the games for us. Not that much better then BMJ had

      • Super I have been saying this from day dot! at least BMJ was just on the verge of breaking into the top 4 when the rug was pulled from unerneath him, i know HR loves to quote 2 in 8 (Ramos Era) but when we missed out on 4th cos of lasagnagate that was more marginal than losing a 10 point lead on our most bitter rivals, HR has done well but not well enough, the talent is here in the club amongst the playing staff HR doesn’t own the talent that acheived 4th spot that was here all along (baring the new additions) HR leaves the class will still remain!

        • Mate. We all liked Jol as a person, but he was NOT on the verge of a 4th place. We would have to had BEATEN West Ham away that day to get 4th place. Given that we had DRAWN to West Ham at home earlier that season, and had an away record of 6 wins, 6 draws, 6 defeats – it was way less than a certainty – food poisoning or not. Losing out to Arsenal this season but still finishing fourth with our second best points total of 69 is still must better than Jol starting his final season with a record of 1 win, 4 draws and 5 losses and being 3rd from bottom with over a quarter of the season gone… If he were the right man, he would have turned that around. Harry started last season with 2 large defeats and turned it around to make us have our best start in decades. That is what Harry is best at. he is not master technician, and neither is Jol either – so it puzzles me why people keep looking back. Jol set the ball rolling well, and Harry progressed it. What happens from this point we are to find out, but I am confident that Harry will do at least 5th place again.

          • Had to beat Westham to get 4th? we drew with an under strength team due to the food poisoning, i dont think i’m alone in thinking we would have quite easily picked up the 3 points at Wet Spam that day had we had a full strength 1st team to pick from. and as AlphaT says HR is responsible for us bending over and surrendering a 10 point lead! we were 4 points behind Man U in Jan and 3 months later finished 20 points behind them!

          • Tony what are you talking about he was sacked before the season reached halfway? If the form we ended in last term was to be compared to the way we started that term with BMJ in his final season then we could have easily made 5th, again this is all going on the players we had at the time!
            Given the players we have now (could have had since our DoF was sacked) would have us as top 4 regulars

      • Harry’s 49.5% win record to Jol’s 45% is the difference between Harry getting two 4th place finishes to Jol’s two 5th places. It is the difference between Harry’s 70 & 69 points finishes to Jol’s 65 and 60. 49.5% to 45% is a major difference over 4 seasons. When you count their best 2 seasons only, Jol goes up to 46% win record, and Harry goes up to 54%. Which is 41 wins to 35.

        • when teams around us where stronger!? No you can not convince me otherwise, we can sit here and pick stats that support both our arguments, where was the solidarity for BMJ when he was sacked before he could really get going?

  2. HR only has himself to blame for this situation, he had a chance to sit and discuss a new conract when he wasn’t being destracted by the lure of the England job, if I were him (which I’m glad I’m not) I would snatch DL hand off for the 1 year extension and use the following 12 months to prove my doubters wrong! That’s if he doesn’t think we’re punching above our weight!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it was the intervention of his slimey new agent, anyway why would the players be worried about HR not having a 3 year improved new contract, as if all their skill and ability will leave them with him as he walks out the door?! Plus HR if you’re so cock sure of how amazing you are to the club (not the players) you would just use this 12 months to show how astute you are at tactical decisions and how well you keep benched or unpicked players attitudes and spirits up! (Fuc*ing Moron)

  4. He’s gone.. or at least going.
    He just wanted people to know he’s not resigned and is being forced out. Today is D Day and Tottenham Press Department have already written up the “The Club can announce that with immediate effect Harry Redknapp has left Tottenham Hotspur…..” Bond, Jordan etc will follow

    Levy already has a backup plan in Deschamp’s waiting to sign a 3 year deal with the option of a further 2 years (clubs option not managers)

  5. I’m in 2 minds. Firstly we have to accept Harry has produced the best team of the Premier League era so have to respect what he’s done for the club. Secondly he has killed himself with the England business. He wanted the job and wasn’t bothered about Spurs when he was favourite to land the job. When he got a custard pie from the FA he now wants a long contract……he is, and always has been a selfish, all for himself arsehole and has left most of his old clubs in the shit for personal gain, it’s just the way he is. I now think whoever we have as manager will be irrelevant as I feel we will not be challengers for the top 4 anymore because of top players leaving and the fact we don’t pay the wages to replace them accordingly. Losing that 3rd spot and then Chelsea beating Munich has killed us, simple as.

    • Why would we lose our best players?
      So you are telling me if your manager walked out tomorrow you would be following them?
      It would be a bit Jerry McGuire no?
      “so who’s coming with me!?”

      • Modric will leave regardless. Harry going may sway the likes of Bale and VDV to leave too. Who we going to replace them 3 with?

        • Why would Arry have any say on what these players under lengthy contracts should do? You are eating too many milky bars methinks!? Modric can do one as long as we get the £40mil he’s valued at, and preferably abroad! Why would we need to replace 3? Huddelston (a stronger, much better all round player than Modric) is back in full affect this season so there’s the Modric hole filled (as if Sandro wouldn’t have been able to cope) VDV leaving would be a shame but would sort out our formation headaches! what’s your point?!

          • The fact you have said Huddlestone is better than Modric confirms you are a div and one I can no longer entertain. End of chat.

          • Are you crazy? hudd better than modders? not a chance. he’s not even in the same league as modric, hense the reason we MAY get 40million for luka, but would be doing well to get 8Million for tommy hudd. Dont get me wrong, i like the hudd and appreciate what he can bring to the team, but a better all round player than modric? hahahahahahahahahahahahahah. NO!

        • Bale will not go anywhere, he may leave next summer if we fail to get CL football again but this summer he is happy to stay.

          Modric will only go if a team bid £42 million or more.

          VDV maybe sold IF the offer is enough

          • Sorry super have to reply to your post to get through to this soft melty individual! Sure call me a div but did you read what I wrote? I said better all round player (you can’t tell me any different) Huddelston has a superb ability to play in weighted passes and through balls, can stand up to a challenge a lot better than Modric, that’s not to say Modric isn’t better than him in certain aspects of his game, call me a div all you like, that’s when you lost your argument as this was a converasation amongst adults if you can’t be civil you have lost your argument, suppose you will reply with “my mum” cusses or something?

          • Huddlestone is average. A good passer but not a lot else and certainly nowhere near mobile enough for the EPL. The fact you have compared him to Modric (the same Modric that is worth £40m but the European Champions) says everything about your knowledge of the game and also the club. How much would Huddlestone sell for? I’d guess we’d struggle to get a quarter of the figure Modric is reportedly worth….and he is English which for some reason automatically makes him more expensive. Now stop talking nonsense please.

        • Those are 3 players I really like (especially Bale) but none of them are leaving unless Spurs get some pretty healthy offers.
          40m+ for Bale and Modric each
          12m+ for VdV

          Modric has been wanting to leave so I’d be fine with cashing in on him while he still has value to us. There are plenty of quality young playmakers we’ve been linked to, and if we had a first team spot and the cash to offer them we’d be set — and still have plenty left over for other transfers.

          VdV is also an amazing player, but we have to have a slightly odd shape to use him, and he’s pretty useless cover anywhere else. At 29 he’s probably past his best.

          Bale is the only player I’d really miss. He still makes mistakes and is definitely best when he stays out wide, but he’s still young and getting better every season. I think he’ll stay, though, and that’d be a good thing. Remember, he chose Spurs of United in the first place for more playing time — which he absolutely has now. Moving to Madrid, Barca, City, or whatever that might not be the case.

  6. It is all a big YAWN !!

    We are just seeing the same people demanding he goes every summer.

    If Spurs were going to sack him it would have happened May 14th.

    Levy is ignoring them like he has every summer.

    Next summer they will be saying the same thing.

    While they have been carping for nearly 4 years Harry and Levy have got on with running the club.

    They have both done a good job and deserve praise rather than people calling them idiots.

  7. agree, looks like he’s going shortly.
    Though i dont expect dechamps to get the job, if i was a betting man (and i very much am!), my money would be/is on Capello to get the job.

      • Dont get me wrong, wouldn’t be too dissapointed with dechamps, and would be a typical levy appointment as he has looked to go with eurpoean bosses until harry. i just want it to be capello with sherwood as his assistant

  8. I hope he stays. Best manager we’ve had for years and years. Best team we’ve had. We’re competing with teams with double our budget.
    He deserves at least a 2 year contract. No one should work on 1 year contracts. His objective last year was to finish 4th.
    Honstely can’t believe how fickle some spurs fans are

    • I work on a 3 month roling contract for Comedy Central and I am fuc*ing gratefull for the work (and I’m sure my parrtner and family apprecite it too), so no I’m not being fickle when I say I want a manager that matches the passion of the club supportrs (not the love, not many players or managers can say they share the love that the fans do Ledley is an exception) but I want the passion to be matched and frankly HR doesn’t have it, his motvation is money

  9. It is all a load of hot air. How can Levy be “furious” at Redknapp for not getting a CL place? Of course he isn’t. I am sure he is disappointed in how it all turned out, but not furious… It is a simple scenario. Harry has one year left, and is nearing retirement. Levy has a guy who can keep Spurs in the target area of the table. The last thing Levy would want is to lose Redknapp now. It is all trumped up by people who would like a change in manager – which irks me because it is act of continuously changing managers that caused Spurs to go downhill in the past 20 years. Redknapp will go sooner or later of course, but whilst results are good, I want results to remain good. If that means that I have to tolerate Harry’s 4-4-2, then so be it…

    • How can he be? where do we start…

      1. CL brings in £60 Million + in revenue, Europa League less then £20 Million

      2. THFC Sponsor’s Investec and Autonomy deals are up this summer and without the lure of CL its very very hard to get a BIG name sponsor or sponsors to come on board and pump money into the club. i mean would you rather have your name attached to a CL team that’s seen around the world in one of the best club tournaments, or on a Europe leagua team that is a running joke for all “nearly men” clubs?

      3. NDP is in full swing and Mr Levy wants a BIG BIG naming rights deal, a lot easier to sell if the team are in a premier competition. If we dont get a big deal then the more money THFC have to invest in the project meaning the knock on effect being that the manager has less money available to spend on players and wages.

      4. we were considered a title challenger up until the point of the “Harry for England” talk reared its ugly head and to knock it on the head Levy offered Harry a 3 year deal with a pay rise and money to spend on new players. Harry turned his nose up expecting it too always be on the table and string us along until he got the England job, as soon as Hodgson got the job Harry went to Levy and said he would sign. Levy of course ripped the offer up.

      5. Redknapp and Levy have a bad working relationship, Redknapp is always talking to the press about the club and Levy wants a manager that gets on with the job and not a 1 man PR machine. Redknapp was bought in PURELY to ensure we stayed in the league and he since over archived. Levy never saw him as a long term appointment.

      6. Levy is in talks to sell the club (as rumoured this week to M. A. Kharafi & Sons) and the new owners want there own man. Deschamps is the man they have in mind (just as they did when they were looking at Liverpool)

  10. Under Redknapp we’ve finished 4th, 5th and 4th again. Spurs supporters have very short memories – or an over-inflated idea of the size of the club . I remember Villa fans calling for Martin O’Neil’s head because ‘He’d taken them as far as he could’. This was after three consecutive 6th place finishes. And where did Villa finish last season? Take the ‘dodgy character’ issue out of the equation and he’s basically worked wonders at The Lane.

  11. inconsiderate idiots, we always seem to be scared of our own success, the closer we get to a top 3 finish the more some idiot Spurs fans want to shoot ourselves in the foot and go back to square one, Fact, if not for Harry we could and probably would have been relegated, yes we slipped to 4th from 3rd when we had a 10 point lead, all teams go through a bad patch in a season and it was not just down to Harry. The team did not perform to their ability, our mid field we off the pace, our forwards were missing simple chances and the defence were all over the place at times but we almost pulled it back and lets be honest here, if an ex goalkeeper of ours had not gifed those down the road 3 points on the final day of the season we would have finished 3rd.
    Get off of harrys back and rather than trying to find fault with everything he does, try getting behind and supporting him for a change, next season with a new center back pairing, a forward or 2 that can bang in 20 goals we will be there but only if the mindless morons get off of Harry`s case coys

    • and why was it that our team lost form or ran out of steam, oh yeah it’s because HR really knows how to rotate a squad and players weren’t at all upset with the way he treated us when he was a hot favourite for, what I’m sick of is people with memories that are overshadowed by a little bit of improvement, BMJ had us to 2 consecutive 5 place finishes people keep saying HR has got us to 3 top 5 finishes in as many years so did BMJ until he was sacked for Ramos. You go on like we were miles off of finishing in the top 4 before he came along and that was before VDV the change in Bales form Modric’s ability coming to fruition (which harry didn’t have much to do with this was down to PL experience) if it wasn’t for his famous 2 in 8 soundbite what would he really have done? improved us slighlty but made us more volatile at the same time?

    • What? why would we want “an ex goalkeeper of ours” to have done us a favour? we were 10 points AHEAD of Arsenal/Chelsea etc at the turn of the year in 3rd place, we were 4 points behind 2nd at one point!!

      Redknapp took his eye off the ball for England and we suffered.

      Its not just the fact that we dropped from 3rd to 5th (at one point) in the space of the “Harry for England” talk, its the fact he lost the dressing room, he plays players out of position. Bale on the Right and Modric on the left for example?? WTF?! we have no plan b and if we go behind in a game under Harry we dont have any other idea of how to get out of it other then bring JD on and hope he scores. How many players have suffered under Redknapp?

      Gio – never given a real chance (and yes i know the storeys about his drinking problems)

      Bentley – Played in the hole for Blackburn, we buy him and stick him on the right every game then drop him as soon as he fails to beat 10 men and hit a 30 yard screamer into the top corner.

      Bent – Has scored goals everywhere he’s been, is a confidence player and what does Harry do to help him? Slag him off and say his wife would have scored.

      Nico – Proven good player for a few years now yet cant even get a game when we are down to our barebones, instead he would rather play Modric or VDV out wide where they have no impact on the game and switch Bale out to the right hand side where he has to cut in onto his left foot meaning defenders always know what he is about to do.

      Pletikosa – bought in on loan and played 1 GAME! this is the Croatian number 1 goalkeeper for past 8 years yet he cant get a game when Gomes is single handedly messing up. Played in a massively under strength team in the Carling Cup against ARSEnal and seemed to get the blame for us losing, yet Gomes made mistake after mistake and he sat on the bench.

      and the list goes on and on and on… unless your in with Harry your out on your ear.

      No i dont believe that any of the above are world class or game changers but they are examples of Harry’s “management” skills and lack of plan b

      People that want Harry out are not mindless morons, they are the people that pay out there hard earned money to watch the team, buy the kit etc and are sick to death of Redknapp and his 1 man PR bandwagon that follows him everywhere. and finally it looks like Levy is listening to the fans.

  12. Regardless of how you feel about Harry in my opinion he is probably going nowhere; Redknapp loves money too much, and Levy is loathe to waste money that either of them would blow 3M quid on either a) Leaving his contract early or b) Firing him with a year to run and 3M compo to pay

    • Yes agree that Levy is very careful with the clubs money, but £3 million is a small price to pay to get shot of HR. if he brings in the new coach and we finish 4th again and get CL football for 2013/14 season the money that will bring in will justify that as £3 million well spent

  13. Personally i dont agree with the statement ‘harry is the best we’ve had’.
    Martin Jol was within a c**ts hair of finishing 4th with a lesser squad and at a time when liverpool and arsenal were MUCH stronger.
    And to say we would have been relegated without harry? Yes it was a bad position, but any manager worth his weight would have kept that squad of players up!

    • Here here… i personally enjoyed the way we played under BMJ as much as any coach we had in the past 20 years.

      Yes we were shite under Ramos and drifting around the wrong end of the table but its not like Redknapp came in and turned us into the worlds greatest team over night or bought in world class players.. he gave already good players a lift and bought in a couple of new faces (and JD) hardly like he rebuilt the team. How many of the current 1st team were there before him? BAE, King, Daws, Bale, Modric, Lennon, Hud all off the top of my head!!

    • But he didn’t get 4th did he? Not once. Harry did twice so he has done better than Jol. No argument, just fact

      • stronger teams around us, Manure still had Ronny, Le Arse still had Henry (these were the teams we were up against), so he improved our standing by 1 position (hardly title winners) he may have improved us by 1 miserly position but how much better off are we? At what cost did that 1 position come at? really? come on smarty bollocks what has improved other than that 1 position (which may as well be 5th) considering we have no CL to show for it?

        • We are better now than anytime under Jol. Many of the players Harry has Jol also had, the others he has improved or brought to the club and assembled a very decent squad of players on what is still a relatively small budget (compared to our other rivals).
          Dawson, King, BAE, Lennon, Carrick, Defoe, Keane, Robinson, Berbatov, Bale…..yeah Jol had loads of shit to work with……don’t know how the fuck he coped? Fat useless shit.

      • Maybe he didn’t get 4th, but the teams around us were stronger and our team was nowhere near as complete as it is now – thats the argument. Nobody is calling for BMJ to be rehired and Redknapp sacked, they are clearly just saying that most people dont feel we are “that much better” under HR then we were under BMJ.

        You cant really compare the 2 as they had different squads and times were different (i mean City were on the bones of their ass back then)

        But what i think a lot of people agree with is all these people coming on saying words like “morons” or “inconsiderate” because the REAL fans that go week in week out and buy from the club shop and put money back into the club this way are sick and tired of HR.

        Yes he turned our season under Ramos around, but to be fair had we bought in any other ENGLISH manager at that time they would have got us out of trouble.

        But HR is completely to blame for us not finishing 3rd when we held all the cards. Nobody else. and that is a fact too.

        you will always get the Pro Redknapps come on and bang on about him being amazing (how many things has he won again?) and you will always get the Anti Redknapps that want him gone.

        I thank him for what he did do and always will but i will always blame him for losing out on 4th place to a weak poor ARSEnal team, but i think its time we all go our own ways and we make plans for getting us to that next stage we need to be at. not saying we should be building a title winning team as ChelScum and Shitty will just buy it again, i’m talking about a solid top 4 team year in year out pushing on from there. Levy has delivered us to the point we are no longer scrapping around the 14/15th place mark and signing Andy Booth on loan, we are now a solid top 6 team so next step is solid top 4 then 3-4 years down the line a title challenging side, Redknapp has put us near but this year has shown how he can poison his own fans, did it at Wet Spam, did it at Portsmouth and at Southampton because he’s always looking for a bigger better job despite a CV blanker and a Man City cheque on a shopping spree

  14. There is a definite feeling of ‘pushing the self destruct buttong here. Like or loathe HR, he has been our best Manager in the premier league era, 2 4th place finishes in 3 seasons, along with 2 FA Cup Semi Finals, a Carling Cup Final and a CL Quarter Final is bar far and away the most cosistent we have been in a generation, certainly in my memory (I am 27).

    There’s no doubt that the way our season imploded has had a major impact on some fans opinion of Mr Twitch, A situation definitely not aided by his recent interviews relating to his contract and the England job – poor judgement on his part but shouldn’t detract from his achievements with us.

    I am not Harrys biggest fan but truly believe that chopping or changing managers every 2-3 years is not the answer and the very LEAST Redders has earned is another season at getting us back into the CL.

  15. Some people on here need to get a grip. Yes Harry is a selfish arsehole who thinks of himself over anything else but facts are facts and he has brought us forward so much since he replaced Ramos. Would you all prefer a nice, loyal chap who lead us to a mid table finish every year….cos that’s what we were for so many years. Harry is to blame for our collapse and the fact we let 3rd place slip from our hands is nothing short of a disaster, but lets have it right….who is going to come in and do better? Realistically? It will be Martinez or Moyes rather than Mourinho or Pep…….are they the standard of manager you all want? One that’s team play shit until the last month of the season to scrape survival and the other who has won less than Harry.
    Think about it eh?

    • Might be a nice change to playing great football all season until the last month when we play shit….

      Ramos was there how many months?!? HR has hardly bought us on “so much” we were already there or there abouts under BMJ we just never pushed on, he got the sack and Ramos came in and put all the players on (all grown men) on a baby food diet… they all got the hump and refused to play for him.. at that point Bin Laden could have come in and been treated with more respect.

      Redknapp is a good manger, but he’s not great. Moyes is a great manager at a smaller club.. its no shock to see that Ferguson has said he would want him to replace him at Man Utd is it?

      Martinez? nah think i’ll pass thanks

  16. Everton are no smaller than us. Bigger crowds, won the league in the 80s not 60s, won the FA cup since we have….ridiculous statement. Everton and Spurs are similar sized clubs….always have been.

    And remind me of the league position we were in when Jol was sacked? I believe it was late October in 2007. Were we top 4? Maybe 5th? 6th? Or was we 18th?? Hmmmmm so over 2 months into the season we were in the relegation zone…….yeah sounds like he got us there or thereabouts, blinding position to be in that. Please take us back to those ‘Glory’ days now.
    Fuck me there are some idiots about. 4th or 18th and they’d prefer the manager that got us in the latter position.

    • Don’t have a hernia mate! Opinions are like arseholes everyone has one (and has a right to that opinion). Or they are their so called “opinion” you my friend are the biggest opinion of them all!

      • From the fuckwit that thinks Huddlestone is a suitable replacement for Modric and bring back bottom 3 Martin Jol……next he’ll say forget signing Vertoghen and just go with Ramon Vega…….if he even knows who Vega is/was.

  17. Funny seeing everyone bitching at each other over this.’Arry does my nut in with his constant double standards. Wish he would shut the f*** up when he sticks his head out of the range rover to talk to sky . But on the other hand, have seen some of the best football at the lane for over 20 years with him as manager. Also no matter what we think of his tactical abilities the players seem to love his way of doing things. We will get a proper coating from everyone in the media if we get rid of him. Think he wants a longer contract as knows he going soon but wants pay off when it happens.
    PS.My missus does my nut in but still with her 25 years later

    • Markyk, absolutely spot on mate. Harry has his faults just like everyone. He is selfish, he is sometimes one dimensional with his tactics, he does like the sound of his own voice, he does lie……but he is our manager and has done a very good job. Judge him on performances and league positions and I can’t think of many in my lifetime (34) who can say they have done as well. In my time I’ve seen the likes of Pleat, Gross, Venebles, Francis, Graham, Hoddle, Ardiles, Jol, Ramos, Livermore & Clemence, Santini….ok a few of those won us trophies (1 FA and 2 league cups) but fuck me that is an array of mediocrity if ever I’ve seen it…..and I did see it, in person, at WHL.


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