The transfer of Luka Modric rolls on but it is being widely reported that the Croatian will finally leave the club this week and sign for Real Madrid in a deal worth around £36m. The move, if it goes, through will probably see further rumours intensify regarding a replacement but could Spurs do this from within the current squad?

The one possible issue with doing that seems to be a lack of left sided players but that hasn’t stopped suggestions that AVB could solve the problem of an overcrowded midfield while saving the Chairman some money that he can use to buy another striker.

The main name in the frame seems to be Tom Huddlestone with his return to fitness scheduled to coincide perfectly with the start of the season.

Elsewhere, David Bentley has been given a clean slate by the new manager while even Giovani Dos Santos has hinted at retracting his comments and saving his Spurs career.

So what’s the verdict, should we spend, spend, spend on a Modric replacement of invest that money elsewhere in the side?




  1. stupid post….wait till we actually sell ratty face and have the money in the bank. Until then its all la-la land

    • post is good, but you are s…. Let people make their own decisions and let them live their lives. Only losers criticise success. All the best to Modric and to the Spurs.

  2. Oscar will be perfect replacement for modric. Oscar is a gem of a player .He has speed,skills and good version and he is still young. Spurs should hijack chelsea’s deal

  3. I would love it if we invested in a true world class finisher,such as,Falco,Higuain or Damaio.Don’t get me wrong,Modric was class,but he was not consistent,and often went missing during big games.I would like us to get someone like Pato or maybe give Siggy a go.

  4. AVB is supposed to have a war chest, so use it- Spurs desparetly need strikers. Where are they? Plenty of talk and rumours, but no results!! Buy the key players needed, after all they should be playing in the friendlies (isn’t that the point of them?) so AVB is ready from day one of the new season. The cash for Modric, if he goes, can only be spent then. Meanwhile, concentrate on priorities i.e. get a couple of strikers otherwise it the season will be sweet Football Association (sweet FA) and no Europe.

    • I think we’re letting the Ade deal drag on as we know it’s in the bag but if we leave it till late it stuffs other clubs up, including Arsenal. If we’re looking to sign another top quality forward, one that Ade may struggle to compete with, it would be best if the Togolese didn’t know about any such deal, meaning if there is to be one, it may well arrive late also.

  5. Unfortunately Ian, Oscar has pretty much sold his sould to the Russians, and gone to the dark side, so I dont think we will be getting him, unless stamford bridge gets hit by an astroid, and he is the only survivor. and even then its unlikely.
    I also agree with Nikitak, until Modric is gone speculating is pointless.
    However, if we could get Sahin, that would be fantastic! Our midfield is rather saturated, so would rather spend quite alot of what we can get on a superb striker!! And preferably before the Newcastle game.

  6. This has to be the worst ‘blog site’ on the entire web. Why don’t you give if a rest if you have nothing to write about.
    ‘Where should we spend the Modric money?’
    Go on, get out of here.

    • If you dont like this bog site piss off somewhere else. I actually enjoy it along with lots of other Spurs fans…

      We should invest on two Strikers to compliment Ade Hulk and Damiao and sell Defoe Dembele would be a good modric repacement much cheaper than Moutinho

  7. personally i think someone like tom carroll could fit in perfectly-then buy scott sinclair to play down the left-get a top class striker in -please not adebeyor-get a young keeper like butland and put the rest of the money in the banlk

  8. I think we need to spend the money on a big name striker, we be needing goals to do good this season, a twenty goal a season man will do us fine.

  9. Promote Tommy Carroll to the first team, I’m not saying he’s Modric’s replacement but he would certainly be worth having on the squad as a rotation option. And I personally think that AVB will give Gio a chance to prove himself. His international performances are excellent and I think he’d be a great replacement for Modric, with a fair few more goals to his game as well. If he fails then there’s Carroll, Sig and Huddlestone that can play there as well, or even Sandro? That way we have £36 Million to secure 2 world class strikers, my personal choice being Ade for £6 Million and the remaining £30 Million any one of these… Falcoa, Benzema, Higuain, Gomez, Jovetic or Pato, Aside from Gomez and Falcoa all of those players are U24 so fit the Spurs model and are proven in top leagues and Europe

    • If Jovetic can actually play up top on his own he would be worth a look. All the others can and that’s what we need.

  10. Agree with the few who say this is pointless, as Modric hasn’t gone yet!
    However, I’m bored, so here goes.
    Prices I’ve listed are obviously rough guesses, so give or take a few mil!

    Sell – Modric (32mil), Pineaar (5mil)

    Buy – Vorm (7mil), Adebayor (5mil), Moutinho (25mil)

    If rumours that we had £50mil to spend before the sale of Modders were true, then I would also bid heavy on Falcao, though we wont get him.

    I expect numerous signings to be made when we get back from USA and there are actually some people in and around Enfield to complete the deals

  11. its sad when one gets personal about a player.what happens if he stays.will supporters still say the same things?tom may have his chance now.if he fails we need cover which we dont have.tom has a tremendous shot which he doesnt use enough.get some goals and your weaknesses will be overlooked.dont and your future is not at spurs.

  12. I think AVB is using the U.S. trip to have a good look at what players he has at his disposal. When they get back to the U.K. he’ll start chasing the players that he needs. He’s already looking at goalkeepers because Brads looking to retire at the end of the season.

  13. Modric is a superior footballer and a fine Gentlemen. I cannot say the same for Mr Levy or for this loser “nikitak13”. God bless Modric and all the best to Spurs (that he elevated to the highest levels possible) in the next season and beyond.

    • george – RATBOY will regret his move as many have done before him. with his inconsistencies he will not hols fort for real madrid for long; like many before him. Secondly if you aren t a Spurs man; stop hanging around our sites! start looking for modric fanblog if there is one that is!

      • On the contrary. Modric at his best is what Madrid will get out of him under Mourinho. On his toes from the off, sharp, working for the team, using his speed, finding another burst of energy in the last 25 minutes, well aware other top players can be given his spot at any time. He’ll be very good for them.

    • Well said George. Modric for me has been the classiest player I’ve seen in a spurs shirt involved in the most exciting few years of football I’ve witnessed at the lane. He can play in any team and I wish him well.

  14. It’s true. Unfortunately, this looks like it will drag on all summer.

    I’m getting frustrated that we still have 1 forward on our books, surely 2 more are needed!! Same again EVERY season.

  15. Spurs need to make a decision on Modric to be able add better players to the team. This paralises is only damaging the Spurs. Like hate – only does damage to the one who hates.

  16. Why is it at the end of every season we say we have lots of money to spend on improving the squad but now we are saying we need to sell before we can buy. We need to spend what we can now , Leandro Damiao , Yilmaz , Ganso , gaston Ramierez , any of these players would be good for us at spurs.

  17. Absolute joke this is. Everyone’s saying “keep the faith” “in Levy we trust”, etc….but EVERY TRANSFER WINDOW we’re scraping the barrell on the last day of the window. Surely we should learn our lesson!!

    • We’ve already signed 3 players, mate. Ade in the bag. Hasty pays all the costs. Look at the wealth of out competitors? We can’t really afford to lose a million here, another there… nevermind we’re at least 5m apart in out valuation of Modric. No small amount even in football terms. Ask clubs outside the top and they would agree. Add it all together and you’re towards £10m gone at no extra benefit, pending you eventually get the deals done at Levys’ price, admittedly.

    • We should still keep our faith in Levy. He is still by a mile the best chairman we could ever wish for.
      We will get the deals done. I agree that it would have been preferable to have them done before the pre-season tour and friendlies. But players cost more at that time and Levy knows that.
      If he gets 35m+ for Modric, a player who has voiced his desire to leave louder than RVP, he is a genious.
      Lets look at the squad come mid august, if we don’t have a least two strikers (other than Defoe and Kane), I will be open to critisism;-)

  18. How can we spend what we have not yet got? I do not remember reading an article confirming the sale of Modric and him being unveiled to the Real fans while juggling a ball.

  19. Can’t help but feel that Levy’s determination to get the best possible deal regarding the modric is causing the club to miss out on potential signings. While I understand his position, and trust his judgement, I can’t prentend it isn’t frustrating seeing talent like hoilett and a cut price demba ba slip through our fingers. The sooner the modric deal is done, the quicker tottenham can really start building on a squad that is definitely in need of bolstering if we are to challenge on two fronts let alone four.

    I also feel that it is important to rid ourselves of the dead wood within the squad, and in turn free up more funds to significantly enhance the overall quality of the squad.

    Pienaar £4-5mill ( I would have kept him personally)
    Kranjcar £6-7m (another one i would have kept)
    Corluka £6m
    Bentley £5-6m
    Jenas £5m
    Gio £6-7m
    Gomes £6m
    Bassong £5-6m

    Total = £40m+

    Add that to the £35m+ that we’ll get from the sale of Luka and we should have a minimum of £75m to spend on new players. Hopefully with the young players such as tom carrol, andros townsend and coulibaly (who I disappointed to see did’nt make the sqaud for the U.S tour) proving able deputies, we can focus spending that money on four/five players to come in and seriously challenge for team places.

    Upgrades/ talent
    Pablo Armero LB -£10m
    Ever Benega CM- £15m
    Hugo Lloris GK- £12m
    Mateo Kovacic CM-£12-15m
    Ander Hererra CM- £15m-18m
    Loic Remy STR- £15m
    Bakary Sako L/RM- £8m-12m
    Julio Cesar GK- Free transfer
    Nico Gaitan L/RM- £15-20m
    Silvestre Verela L/RM- £10m-15m
    Iker Munian CAM/RM/LM- £15-18m
    Ossama Assaidi L/RM- £10m
    Cristian Ansaldi LB- £7m
    Demba Ba STR- £7m
    Adebayor STR (who i feel is working WITH levy to engineer a free transfer from city, by using wages as a stumbling block not to move)
    Juan Vargas LB -£10m-12m

    Obviously, I’m not saying that we should try and sign all the players on that list but any Goalkeeper ,left back, two centre mid, a wide man (who can play on both wings) and two strikers from the names mentioned above would represent a real statement of intent, and upgrade in quality ahead of the new season.

    • Reckon Bassong and Gio should be given another shot, and Jenas may well fit into AVB’s system…£5-6m for Bentley is ambitious. Gomes may yet come back I reckon, although has made recent noises about moving.

      Bassong would definitely be useful as rotation for BAE and Vertonghen, essential if we’re looking to compete in 4 competitions.

    • Two CM’s. We have CM’s to a point, where we will soon start to give them away for free.
      In my humble opinion we need: One winger who can play either side (primarely on the left as back up for Lennon), maybe a young LB (no I do not rate Rose as a LB, and NEVER as a LM) to cover for BAE (who’s brilliant by the way), a keeper and of course ADE plus one more top striker.
      If/when Modric leaves then add Sahin as the player+ and we will start the season with a brilliant squad and money to spend.
      Come on Levy.

  20. Any of:

    Benat Etxebarria/Joe Allen/Moutinho/Clasie for CM rotation
    Ramirez/Atsu/Narsingh for wings
    Butland/Lloris/Mandanda/Mat Ryan as GK
    Aubameyang/Niang/Rhodes as young ST
    Damiao/Falcao/Adebayor as marquee

    Maybe a few additional Olympians too…

  21. In an ideal word: Adeybayor for £6M; Ba for £7M; Damiao for £25M; Ramirez for £22M and Butland for £7M.

    Let Modric (£33M); Defoe (£7M) and Pienaar (£4M) leave, as well as Cudicini.

  22. How about Hazard, Falco and Villa?
    Quality attacking midfield and forwards, just what we need.
    Just need tempt them out of retirement!

  23. Forget Adebeyor….missed more open goals…than scored…out Defore / Cualchini / Gomis / Jenas / Bently Bassong ….deadwood & lets get the young french goal keeper…not another old 1 ….invest in 2 top strikers Halk – with Ba 7 million + another l-back…Why did Moderic sign 4 year deal? sell him …yes a great passer…but limited goals!

  24. If we get the supposed 36ml we could replace modric & sign a couple of strikers if we play the market right, for me I wouldn’t go near moutinho at his quoted price he’s good but not that good, Ever Banega is a far better player & would cost a lot less than moutinho probably between 15-18ml, same goes for henrik mkkitharyan of shaktar Donesk cracking little player 23 very similar to modric & has also played as a striker for Armenia on occasion but he’s predominantly a cm. The other player I’d look at is Dani parejo of valencia & could probably b bought for around 5ml.
    As far as strikers go I’d go for Diego Costa at Athl Madrid for around 5ml & felipe caciedo of lokomotiv Moscow at around 7ml mark.
    Banega/Mkkitharyan 15ml or parejo 5ml
    Caciedo 7ml
    Diego Costa 5ml
    That’s 27ml in total so leaves 9ml to out to a wide player would love Affelay orDzagoev wether possible who knows.



  27. Oh yeah, I reckon Adam Johnson will be up for grabs this summer and at £15m would provide cover for bale AND competition for Lenny. Would also help cover the quota of home-grown players required in the squad and would fit perfectly with the long-term vision of the club. Would love to see this happen. Levy get your cheque book out, you know it makes sense!!!

  28. Very impressed with Butland in the GB Olympic team. He’s going to be a top keeper and Spurs should go for him now before other clubs realise what a good buy he would be and beat us to it.

  29. Get Adam Johnson 12m, andy carrol 20m and dembele 12m to replace modric and matt jarvis 5m as cover for the flanks and some british blood or stick van de vaart in modric role and get damaio 20m


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