Some Spurs fans are becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of centre forwards at the club as the squad prepares for the new season. The 2012-13 campaign is less than two weeks away but at present, Jermain Defoe is the only recognised striker at the club while Harry Kane has filled in at times during pre-season.

Last year, Peter Crouch, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Louis Saha have all left White Hart Lane while Tottenham’s attempts to agree terms with Emmanuel Adebayor on a permanent transfer have so far proved fruitless.

With just 12 days to go before the big kick off however, head coach Andre Villas-Boas is aware of the need to strengthen the strike force.

“We are hopefully moving in the market in the next couple of days or weeks,” AVB said.

“We are trying to deal with the market. Lots of teams are having difficulty, there’s not a lot of money around and teams try to hold onto their assets as best they can.

“We’re just trying to make the best decisions possible before the start of the league – hopefully trying to solve the issue with one more striker before the Newcastle game.”

Many names have been linked with the club and those will undoubtedly continue but can Tottenham get their man before time runs out?




  1. This is really affecting my summer now every day that goes by the more depressed i feel. We are so close to the start of the season yet no striker has materialized

    • Mate im still sickened by Chelsea fluking the Champions and our pathetic run last season. Now Levy is driving me crazy for about the 6th window in a row!

  2. Although I would think we would need another striker as well, I have a feeling that Ade is mostly done and dusted.

    May just come down to Ade wanting to stay on Man City’s books as long as possible to take the higher wage and us putting off the deal as long as possible so we dont have his wages on our books for a few more weeks. By delaying it for a month you are talking half a million quid.

    Levy is a business man. He knows the tricks. He and AVB will also be more than aware that we do need to sign SOMEONE up front.

  3. AVB says there is not a lot of money about, we’re supposed to have lots of money , we sold Pav , Crouch , Keene and more , Plus Daniel Levy was supposed to be investing in the team so we shouldn’t have to sell players before we can buy , we are running out of time to get a striker in so he can train and gel with the other players . What will probably happen is we will get a striker in on the final day before the season starts and he would not have played with the first team which is not a good way to start your career at a new club.

  4. Levy has surpassed himself once again failing to bring in strikers which will be three years running. I thought he was supposed to be astute but to me he is a fucking idiot when it comes to the transfer market. Spurs supporters are so frustrated with Levy and his lack of ambition in the transfer market. Why do we keep going after defenders, goalkeepers and midfield players. We have them all in abundance yet we still keep doing nothing on the striker front when we only have Defoe who can be good on his day but is not the player to take us forward, especially on his own. Every Spurs supporter can see this why can’t Levy.
    We keep chasing after greedy guts Adebayor but really he is not the type of striker we need. One, he drifts out wide all the bloody time leaving us bare in front of goal. Two, he cannot control a pass played to his feet and knocks the ball away from himself because he has no close control. Thee, his shot is weak and quite often off target.
    The player we need is Dalmiao or Llorente. I would say Cavani but I know Levy won’t stretch that far and from what I have read recently he is still only offering Dalmiao £12 million which is beyond belief when you think he is worth at least £20 million. I really am getting sick to death of leaving everything to the last minute because we keep missing out on players with Levy’s strategy…When will he ever learn?
    I think Levy should drop his transfer dealings role and bring in someone else because he is a miserable failure at it. All he really ever has done is to get Rafa Van der Vaart.

    • Van Der Vaart, Sandro and Vertonghen to name a few!!! Levy has always done what he believed is best for the club and 9/10 times I agree. The club is ambitious, and financially stable. Lets be patient and see what happens come August 31st, when I’m sure we will all be pleasantly surprised. Unitil then, we get to see Jermain get the opportunities he deserves….If you are going to start the season with striker (which I don’t think we will) I can think of a lot worst than the little man.

      • Levy lacking ambition is a joke mate. Most, if not ALL of our biggest and best players were signed by the chairmen. Modric, Sandro, VDV and Ade. Add that to the new training ground and stadium plans and I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job.

        His stance with transfer dealings mean we get the best possible deal for players and are not treated like muggs. With modric I feel he is doing the same, while letting the other players at the club know who the boss is. It’s highly unlikely,as a result, that any other players of ours are going to try and hold the club to ransom, in the manner modric has, in the near future, as they know it won’t get them anywhere, and I say fair-play to him.
        I certainly wouldn’t swap Levy for any other chairmen in the EPL. IN LEVY I TRUST!!!!

  5. Also note that Ade doesnt need to settle in the PL or within our squad as he has played in both. So why rush getting him in and spend nearly a million quid extra, just to have him for pre-season??

  6. Why can’t we sign Nilmar from Villareal they have put a 8mil Euro on his head I think he would be a great signing can play right wing too so could replace Lennon too????

  7. AND SANDRO and Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton and ady
    BEFORE Levy sacked redcrapp he was asked /told to sell
    Pav ,Crouch.Keane and Saha, so partly blame that pile of redcrapp as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You would of thought with us having just one striker that the issue would have been one of the first areas looked at, after the arrival of AVB. Unless a striker is signed from inside the EPL (i.e Sturridge) or at least has EPL experience then it is a distinct possibility that come August 18th, we will see defoe leading the line against Newcastle. While this is no bad thing, Im sure that any two from the list below would produce a little more excitement come kick-off.

    Big Men
    Schrulle (you know what I mean)

    Little Men

  9. The problem is Levy doesn’t believe he is making mistakes in the transfer market. He is obsessed with getting the best financial deal he can, regardless of the effect on the team, which is why he leaves dealing until the last minute. This policy has led to poor starts to the season (eg under Ramos and last season) and left us with dross such as Rasiak, Frasier Campbell, Nelson and Saha. Spurs currently have the worst strike force in the Premier League and AVB will have no chance unless Levy changes his misguided habits and gets at least one striker in before the season starts.

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  11. Chelsea and the rest are buying players,spurs are the only club not buying,pls buy Falcao he proved himself in la liga and in the europa cup,then there’s Damiao who’s also young,has good pace,control,the 2 of them would be deadly in front,vdv behind them,bale,gylfi and lennon,all spurs fans in Cape Town,SA are worried.Mr Levy needs 2 speed things up


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