The name of Fernando Llorente isn’t exactly a new one in the transfer columns but the story linking the Spanish striker to Spurs has gathered momentum as the day has progressed. However, there are as many reports suggesting this is a possibility as there are claiming it to be a non-starter.

The striker is said to be unhappy at Athletic Bilbao and resigned to leaving this summer. First in line for his signature may be Juventus who, with a fee at around 20 million Euros, see the Spaniard as a cheaper alternative to Robin van Persie.

However, Basque television station ETB suggest that Spurs and Manchester United are battling it out for the 27 year olds signature and that all three clubs are in with a chance of securing the deal.

Llorente now has 122 goals for Bilbao in 296 games and this is one story where many Spurs fans will be hoping that it’s more than mere gossip.



  1. If this is anywhere near true that he is available for 20 million euros and we are interested, this transfer should be top priority. Llorente is a class act and is the PERFECT lone striker.

  2. We were after him last season I believe and the way he demolished Man Utd in the Europa we need this guy. He will not command a massive fee and surely his wages will not be an obstacle

  3. he wont sign for spurs, simply because he wanted CL football, and speaking of which.. spurs’s level is below bilbao. so why would he want to jump to the lower level club?

  4. Dont be fooled by by reports coming out of the Spurs camp that we are going to buy Llorente or Damiao every season these rumours start to circulate , Levy is happy to hear these rumours because it keeps us Spurs supporters off his back with us thinking he is going to sign a big name striker but i dont think Levy is willing to spend over 10 million on a striker , most of the big or successful teams have at least two very good strikers who play well together because they stay with a team for a few years, imagine what spurs would be like if we splashed the cash on these two players and they stayed with us for at least 3 years i think we would be one of the top sides in europe then each year you buy a minimum of two players improving the rest of the team until we are totally solid. What a dream , Oh well

  5. As always bickering is going on lol, But maybe some truths about Levy not wanting to spend above ten million pounds. Come on Mr Levy let us know what is going on in the transfer market etc…….

  6. Im sure thats not the case, guys! He is simply misinformed…You see,while Athletic Bilbao played some breathtaking football in the Europa league, their domestic form suffered drastically as a result. Bilbao finished 10th in la liga, without ever really looking like qualifying for the champions league.

    Form of a team a level higher than Spurs? I don’t think so.

    Especially as we finished higher in a league far more competitive than its Spanish counterparts, albeit fielding a weakened team in most cup comps.

    But ask yourself when was the last time Athlictic graced the champions league?

    Because I can assure you it hasn’t been anywhere as close in the near past, as it is for Tottenham. We can even consider ourselves unlucky not to be there again this season, after Chelsea rode their luck… (in every sense of the word) against
    an below par Bayern…… Plus, didn’t we beat Athletic Bilboa last year in a pre-season match?

    Llorente, I am sure, would look at any offer Spurs would put to him with serious consideration, as we are clearly an ambitious club, with a new training base and a squad packed with talent!

    Any two from Llorente, Adebayor, Oscar Cordoza, Damaio, Rossi, Sturridge, Nilmar or Remy would be a massive signal of intent with the coming season fast approaching.

    I am sure Levy has got something up his sleeve regarding the striking situation. There is bound to be a few comings and goings before the season begins, there always is!

    You see…..simply misinformed!

  7. Hey Spuds. We have Bendtner for you. He’s a huge upgrade for your lot you know. And come for Chamakh as well. We don’t need him.

  8. now that man citeh has already shown their interest in damiao , all spurs can hope for the best is to sign nicklas bendtner on 5M.

  9. Haven’t you lot twigged it yet? Just how many players have Spuds “expressed an interest in” in the last couple of weeks? Exactly how many have you signed? Not one!!

    Levy is spinning out the transfer window in the hope that he can flog off a few more season tickets.

    The most you can expect is a couple of loan signings, something like Michael Owen or some other has-been. Where is the attraction for good players? Europa League?A manager sacked by Chelsea for under-performing?

    Sorry Spud fans, mid-table mediocrity beckons …. just as it usually does.

    • very well said here and very true . u got a good point here bro.. i wish i had supported the other half of north london team..but i hadn’t. sigh*


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