The post match reports gave very mixed opinions on this and while some had decided that Jan Vertonghen deserved the accolade, others pointed to Gareth Bale, Sandro and William Gallas.
Jan is quickly turning into the transfer of the season in the Premier League – calm on the ball, versatile enough to slot in at left back and he scores goals too. Meanwhile, Sandro and Bale are returning to their brilliant best.
There were quiet games for some although no-one really had a poor one. As such, this is one of the most wide open polls that we’ve run – who gets your vote?

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  1. I feel that it has to go to a defender, because in the second half the midfield was not able to get a foothold. Yet the defence kept us in it. Given that Vertonghen set up the win by scoring so early, and so brilliantly, whilst out of position….it has got to be him for me.

  2. Can only be Billy G, Verts was immense first half, but tired as did Walker after an hour perhaps playing the full 90 against Carlise was best advised. Billy G,put heart, body and soul on the line, and for a guy playing half blind and on one leg you have to say he was pretty awesome

    • Billy G for me to. Super Jan was very good, Caulker did brilliant given its was his debut but Billy G was the man.

      Walker for me is lacking form at the mintue, maybe teams have figured him out.

      I tip my hat to Sandro (Mr Gum shield), Dembele and Bale.

      • I’d rather have an out-of-form Walker than almost any other RB I can think of. It just means he’s not tearing apart the opp. defense in addition to shutting down their offense.

  3. At OT it is always going to be backs to the wall when you go 1 up early and particularly 2 up at half time. What you need in those situations are dm’s who are prepared to get stuck in and break up the midfield play. I find it hard to choose between dembele and sandro for this one, but I go for Sandro who is getting back to more than his best form from a year or so ago. However, Bale, Vertonghen and Gallas all deserve a massive pat on the back. Roll on 2035 when we can celebrate our next win.

    • Apologies. Missed out Caulker who, for a young lad, stood tall and strong under immence pressure. Definately and England star of the future.

  4. I thought Vert was too close the middle in the second half. Could that have been he was drifting closer to his normal position so it made it easy for them to pass out on to that wing and cause us issues. Superb effort from Gallas, I thought it was a mistake to leave him on but he really proved that he was willing to die for the cause. Caulker, Sandro, Dembele and Bale were great. Defoe had a hand in all three goals (directly & indirectly with intelligent runs) but I wish he would stay on the centre line for opposing corners (but assume he is under instruction to get back) as we just keep lumping it out and inviting the pressure back on when we clear it. Don’t blame him for trying to get a fourth instead of running into the corner with the ball as he would have been tackled almost as quickly there anyway. Walker was disappointing. Lennon and Dempsey perhaps a little annoymous or was my memory fudged by the whole occasion (apologies if so) but just so ecstatic Demps got his goal when he did. Overall my vote goes to Sandro. Good to see Daws & Hudd get some time on the pitch but would it have been worth swapping Defoe or Lennon for Townsend and telling him to run at United and see if he could get any joy just to relieve some of the pressure? Anyway fantastic effort from the whole team – please don’t go and blow it against Villa next week otherwise it will become almost meaningless.

  5. Some great 1st half performances from several payers. Watched the game in the pub with the Melbourne Spurs Loyal ( that’s a good 50 strong). Even the locals raved about Sandro. Thing is he rarely stands out,he just does his job of breaking up opposition play. The man is now so important to us and together with Dembele is indispensable. So for sheer heart and no small amount of skill it’s Sandro for me. Starting to feel serious man love for him and AVB 🙂

  6. Everyone gave superior performance, save two. Kyle Walker needs to concentrate on his defensive mind set: think and anticipate. While his offensive work is largely ineffective particularly getting something into forward players in the box, he can be a tough tackler and is not physically intimidated.

    J. Defoe defies all comparison to a modern striker. He cannot hold up the ball, looks up to see the aerial game going on above him, and is unable to gather the ball and dribble into a superior position. I ask you to compare his half-hearted defence to that of Fernando Torres who puts intense pressure on opposing backs. JD was the most useless Spur in the last 25 minutes of the game. Can this manager (or the last one for that matter) not see that the big games do not bring out the best in Defoe?

    • Now watch the game again, in particular the goals we scored. You’ll notice Defoe’s runs and the space they created allowed Bale to run through on the 2nd and shoot for the 3rd..but you actually have to watch the game carefully mind?


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