The newspapers are full of reports claiming that Daniel Levy is set to back the ‘under fire’ Andre Villas-Boas by providing a £20m transfer fund ahead of the January transfer window. In turn, that has sparked a host of new rumours, linking players with a move to White Hart Lane.

Some of them are old, familiar faces like Porto’s Joao Moutinho, who reportedly came agonisingly close to putting pen to Tottenham headed notepaper at the end of August. Others are players that have disappeared for a while only to come back into the frame such as Ajax’s Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen.

All across the internet, short lists are currently being drawn up that include the likes of Moutinho, Eriksen, Dzagoev, Pjanic and Willian. Not to mention the need for an, as yet unidentified left back.

A £20m fund has caused big news but it’s not enough to buy Moutinho on his own. Maybe there will be some additional sales and maybe there’s an existing pot but does it all point to a quiet January at the club?



  1. I agree 20 mil not enough for the positions he needs to fill so does that mean that Bale will be going for 50 mil in Jan giving a total fund of 70 mil for 3 players ?

  2. Can’t see Bale going in January. May be sold next summer but there may be some players heading out; Jenas, Thudd, perhaps Dawson. A striker is a priority I think, only 2 strikers is poor. When we have a fit squad again, the midfield positions would be Parker or Sandro and Dembele. Up front is where we are lacking. We already have Parker, Dembele, Sandro, Thudd, Carroll, Livermore (perhaps another to be sold). Where is the sense in buying another one?

  3. Forget Moutinho, forget Willian – both will still be in the Champions League.
    Dzagoev – literally had about 3 good games now people are raving about him
    Pjanic – this is real life, not football manager, he can’t even get a game for a very average Roma side
    Eriksen – haha – yeah right

    We will basically spend nothing in Jan, because Levy doesn’t want to, the talk of £20 million is rubbish.

    • your well wide of the mark regarding Dzagoev & 3 good Games that’s nonsense he’s been performing brilliantly for yrs, he destroyed man utd as a 18yr old in CL & had a slight dip in form a couple of yrs ago but on the whole he’s been consistanrly good for club & country( until capello took over)
      The guy is the real deal & if 15ml is asking price levy should Pay it. keisuka Honda is available on a free in the summer we should jump the gun & offer 3-5ml in January & bring him & Dzagoev from cska.

  4. Surely if Levy wants to make the Champions League we need a playmaker to replace Modric. Dembele fills the van de vaart position, but is no way near a modric.

  5. Don’t worry!!
    I have brought to attention to the Tottenham scouts two players, who would be bargains, and are of extremely high quality. I have been watching them over the past 12 months and they are both very skillful, technically better than what we have already, both comparatively inexpensive and most importantly, each being only 22, fit into the transfer policy of buy young and assimilate into the Spurs ethos.
    The future is bright…

  6. if we dont sign a world class player in the playmaker number ten role this could be a dark dark season with average football on show. Lb cover is key too but don’t forget it took us about 20 years to find a decent one in benny and even he was crap and then injured straight after when we bought him.

  7. When Kaboul is fit again, we have 4 central defenders, (if we sell Gallas, which would be a good idea) one of whom (Vertonghen) can play LB, and so can Kyle Naughton, so where’s the problem? and a midfielder.
    Spurs’ decline last year coincided with Harry’s England confusion, but also with Modric’s loss of form – he only gets to play about a third of Real’s match time, so was he such a great loss?
    Sell Gallas, Hudd, Gomes and Sigurdsson, add the 20 m, and spend it on a striker and a midfielder

  8. 20 million is nowhere near enough money to buy the players we need . We will need to spend at least 20 mills on a striker and the same on a attacking midfielder and between 10-15 mills on a defender. Why did we spend all that money on lloris who was said to be our priority signing and now he hardly plays and when he does he conceeds goals surely a striker should have been priority knowing we only have 2 strikers and if any of them got injured or suspended we would be left short and also the fact that Adebayor would probably be going to play in the Africa’s cup games . Im really worried about spurs AVB’s tactics are very strange and its not just him to blame there’s also Daniel Levy he’s the one who makes the important decisions as to how much money we have to spend and which manager to employ now spurs are going backwards at least Harry had us going in the right direction .

  9. To echo what others have been saying, when we’ve got Parker, Dembele and A&E back in the side (inthe next 2 weeks I hope!), we’ll be in much better shape. Kaboul won’t be back until mid January, so we’ll have to keep relying on Caulker/Gallas/Dawson/Vertonghen until then. We still need that creative playmaker and first class striker. With £20m in January and being realistic about who’s going to actually move in that window, I’d go all out for Huntelaar and Erikssen (surely ex-Ajax team-mate Vertonghen could put in a word!!)

  10. How the hell can you write an article and attract critical comments of the club based on, and I quote, “The newspapers are full of reports claiming” ? Did I miss the sources and substantiation? For crying out loud. We, fans rail against the newspapers for inventing “facts” with no basis about the club, then go on to write articles and comments based on these rumours as if they are facts. Why do fans give so much oxygen to these spurious rumours by promoting them as facts.? Who needs enemies……?

  11. Without Modric we play poor football. The win against Man U meant nothing after 4 consecutive league defeats. I like Willian and Dzegoev, both have the flair to fill in Modric boots.

    Now I guess we should use Carroll instead of Thudd and that would give us more fluidity in attack.

  12. Isco is the only player we should go for if only 20mil to spend but need to promote youth in our forward areas ( shack & sol could be bench options

  13. Lloris- Walker/Kaboul/Vertonghen/Assou – Dembele-Sandro- Moutinho. William/****/Bale. **** A striker from: Llorente/Huntelaar/Damiao. I don’t think we need that many players. Just key players in key positions really. Up there I’ve named 3 players that will cost money. But you get what you pay for! Creative in the middle. A player better suited to a front 3 than lennon and a decent all round striker.

  14. Huntelaar and Eriksen.
    Huntelaars contract expires this summer and he hasnt signed an extension yet. So wont require more than 12 million
    And Ajax are out of CL. And we also have Vertonghen to convince Eriksen since he was really respected over there.
    We can sell Huddlestone,probably Sigurdsson and a defender to generate a combined 10 million. That makes it a 30 million budget. Enoough to get Huntelaar and Eriksen

  15. Dear long-suffering Spursfans

    How does it feel like when every Tom Dick and Harry kick around Spurs -not to mention Arsenal !!!

    Do you still have faith in Levy and AVB? Do you blame AVB? If you do, please ask yourself who appointed him knowing his achievements at Chelsea? But who sacked Harry and other recent managers and who sold our best players without replacement and who appointed AVB anyway? Levy – a Spurs fan? A tough negotiator? Or just a money-maker tough businessman? You, the fans to judge.

    Do you and all other long suffering Spurs fans think that Levy did a good job selling our best players without replacement and appointing a clueless ordinary manager in AVB and sacking a manager who brought some stability and success to Tottenham [although he lost a little bit of credibility in no saying ‘no’ to England job. You the fans are better Judge, I’m just a long long-suffering Spurs lover who will not see any real success at Tottenham before he dies . Best wishes to all of you. Spursfan


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