Ricky van Wolfswinkel is a name that has featured on this site on a number of occasions in the past – let’s face it, this isn’t one you’re likely to forget writing about – but the 23 year old Dutchman has surfaced again in connection with a transfer to White Hart Lane.

When we last mentioned him in April 2012, he was being classed as something of a late developer and 2011-12 had been seen by many as a breakthrough season at his current club – Sporting Lisbon. Despite this late promise and the award of a single full international cap, the fee involved was reported at a prohibitive £20m.

Fast forward to November 2012 and while there have been no additions to his Dutch Caps, as it were, Van Wolfswinkel is becoming the complete striker with 29 goals in 53 league games for Portugal.

Additionally, Spurs have AVB in charge who reportedly tried to sign the player whilst at Porto. Van Wolfswinkel’s representatives are discussing a new contract but it’s said that the club will listen to offers.

The only surprise in Metro’s story is the fee which seems to have dropped to £8m despite the rise in the player’s profile. Neither £8m nor £20m seem likely so the truth will be somewhere in the middle, but is there much in the way of fact in this whole rumour?



  1. Yeah Levys really gonna pay 20 mil for 1 player, back to the real world! Adebayor was the 20 mil striker signing we needed (who we shouldnt of signed) the only reason we got him was because he was three cheap option. And for all u ‘give the levy and avb project a chance’ Mr inglethorpe is gonna win his first Liverpool next gen game 3 0. We’re a selling club and once levy has the stadium built he’ll sell the club that he uses to promote his other businesses and interests


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