Lloris on his start to life at Tottenham

Lloris on his start to life at Tottenham


Hugo Lloris’ issues with playing time when he came to Spurs were well documented – as were the thoughts of his French national boss Didier Deschamps. However, as we head into the busy Christmas period, Hugo seems established as the club’s first choice keeper and he has now taken the opportunity to speak openly about his uncertain start.

“When they make the decision to hire me it was for me to play,” he said. “The coach has made his choice, but it was part of an experiment. I remained positive. It was not planned that I did not play.”

“I wasn’t given any explanations, instead there were discussions with the coach. But in the end you must give your answers on the pitch and through that experience I will grow. It was a challenge,” Lloris added.

“I took the playing time I was given and I went through it in order to reach a more favourable situation where I can continue to play the game.”

Few of us would be entirely surprised if things were to change back over the next few weeks but in the long term, Hugo could nail down the number one slot for many years to come. Are we all happy with AVB’s choice?


  1. I think it is the right move to make Hugo Lloris the no. 1 goalkeeper for Spurs from now on but I would be happy, as a Spurs fan, if we were to keep Friedel as our no. 2, that is, if he so wishes, of course, considering that many clubs would probably want to have him as their main goalkeeper.

  2. I think it was a good thing he didn’t just walk into the team. He had to prove himself. Too many egos in football. Unfortunately the person that loses out to lloris, brad friedel, seems like a humble human being.


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