Emmanuel Adebayor has come in for more than his fair share of criticism in the latter stages of Tottenham’s season but the striker’s occasionally lethargic appearances have largely been to blame for that. However, with two important goals and a vital assist in his last two games, could Ade yet turn things around and become the fans’ favourite that many regarded him as last season?

Head coach Andre Villas-Boas certainly seems to think so and the Portuguese feels that Ade could be the club’s Talisman as they look for a positive finish to the campaign.

“Adebayor has got back in the goals in our recent games and he has shown how influential he can be,” Villas-Boas said prior to tonight’s game in Basel.

“He is driven by his last performance and he is doing extremely well. He is really enjoying his football. Finding the back of the net allows him to go into the game with more confidence and I always think it’s self-belief from the player, rather than anything else that helps them improve,” AVB added.

“His link-up play has improved tremendously. He’s been much more involved in the build of play and assisted and created so much, allowing others to flourish.”

Huge praise indeed but can Adebayor maintain any kind of form and end the season, leaving us with a more favourable opinion of his contribution in this campaign?



  1. As bad as Ade has been this season could his poor form be down to Bale and his roaming role in the centre?
    I would assume that these would be positions that Ade would naturally take up as a front man but with Bale moving pretty much everywhere the natural positions that Ade would pick up are now occupied, which is no coincidence that he seems to do a lot of his work pulling out on to the left side.
    Admittedly there have been some woeful displays and he should, at least, be putting more of a shift in, if only to help the team but it’s certainly something to look at

  2. I had a dream.

    Ade scored ten goals in the closing stages of the season – the two Rome teams started a bidding war for him and Levy eventually settled on 25M from AC Milan.

    He instantly spent all of it on Damiao.

    Dream on – Ade will never deliver the goods for us – a couple of goals at most

  3. I must say, although Adebayor has done well in last games, the players who will step up and win the game for us will be Sigurdsson. He has scored 6 goals in last 10 games for club and country and is in-form.

    Hope to see two goals from him and one from Holtby or Jan.

    That’s my prediction. Hope it will come through. But if Adebayor will shoot us to the semi-finals, i will be happy with that.


  4. Ade and siggy could be our hero’s tonight and watch out for hudd, carrol and possibly ceabllos’s debut for the first team intresting indeed


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