As you all obviously know, Spurs have been drawn against Aston Villa in the third round of the Capital One Cup with the date now fixed at Tuesday 24th September at Villa Park. Both teams have a long history in this competition and 42 years ago, the sides battled it out in the final at Wembley.

At the time, Villa were in the third division and as top tier clubs were just starting to take the League Cup seriously, it was a major achievement for Vic Crowe’s men to get to Wembley. They made it tough for first division Spurs too, keeping the game goalless until two Martin Chivers strikes in the last 12 minutes saw us lift this trophy for the very first time.

Naturally there are some highlights available and these are particular extensive ones. It may not have been our most classic final but it was the first trophy witnessed by this Spurs fan – 42 years of hurt later I’ve seen others but would like a few more.

Can you remember this game?




  1. Remember it so well. Picked my mate up at Canning Town and with our wives and, with flags flying made our way to Wembley in my first car, a Cortina. Funniest part was sitting in front of a Villa supporter who shouted all game that Big Chiv was rubbish in his yammer accent. As Chiv hit his second me and my mate turned round to give him some back and he’d pissed off!!

  2. This was my first Wembley final too, I remember being brought down to the front lifted over the wall and sitting on the little benches around the stadium.
    Like you have seen a few more but can’t wait to see us challenge on all fronts again.

  3. l was there also . A great day with lots of atmosphere. Saw my team win. Did not realise it was all those years ago. Spurs till the day l die

  4. I remember the ’71 final well the atmosphere was electric and we were fortunate to lift the trophy that day. My lasting memory was the way the Villa fans backed their team the noise was superb. At the final whistle you would have thought they had won the cup. Big Chivs two goals that day saw us home and made it a day I have never forgotten.


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