Andre Villas-Boas may have been defiant in the wake of yesterday’s 5-0 home defeat but it’s all come to nothing as the club have just announced his departure. Our former head coach leaves after less than 18 months at the helm.

The official announcement from Spurs reads,

‘The Club can announce that agreement has been reached with Head Coach, Andre Villas-Boas, for the termination of his services. The decision was by mutual consent and in the interests of all parties.’

Spurs are seventh in the league but with over £100m spent in the summer, clearly the club feel that results just aren’t good enough – even considering the difficulties caused by the departure of Gareth Bale.

So the question now is who’s next for the White Hart Lane hot seat?





  1. So much for stability – all hail 6 months of Sherwood, followed by a new era of ‘transition’.

    The club seem to have completely ignored the stats (best win % of any manager for 100 years, still in the chasing pack, going well in the cups) in favour of appeasing the fans and media.

    How very, very Tottenham.

  2. It must not be Capelo if we are to get free flowing football . If you look at his record as England manager i think it will show football even worse than AVB . Let Sherwood run the ship for a week or two and lets have another go at getting a top manager than can give us success.

  3. See that twat Rednapp jnr on again doing what he does best talking crap about how good we were under his dad and how the team has been dimantled .Did Modric want to stay?Did Bale want to stay?I know he left after Harry but you know what i mean . If things were so good at Spurs why oh why did Harry want the England job so bad . Harry ,Hoddle and the rest have all had there chance its time to move on (again) at least we might now win on wednesday with the new(ish) manager thing .

  4. I would go for Di Canio. He’s energetic, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable – a football fanatic. He just needs to go a bit easier on the players – maybe a bit too disciplined. But he did a wonderful job at Swindon. And it was not entirely his fault Sunderland didn’t click straight away. Although they didn’t play that badly. And Spurs have much more talent than Sunderland.
    So yes I would go for Paolo, on a temporary basis, even just giving him up to the rest of the season to see how he goes.

  5. I am sorry to see him leave the club but what about the players everyone of them yesterday were gutless. Michael Dawson Naughton Walker should be the first to go in the transfer window. I traveled yesterday from Dublin to watch that crab there is not one of them played with any pride. While I am at what about the chairman He was the one who bought the players and he is still there. Shame on the players they never put it in for the manger Pat from Dublin

  6. Now that you took this decision please hurry Mr. Daniel Levy get Diego Simone from Athletico Madrid. His team plays a beautiful brand of football with attacking prowess and a winning mentality. They are level on points with Barca at the top of the La liga. Get this man Simone he will make us regognised world wide and get the most of Lamela being an Argentinian who could be a star in the future.

        • Well as u said spuds are ONLY PROSPECT playing in UCL (which is only in your wildest dream far far beyond reach) meanwhil his team now IS PLAYING in UCL!!!!!! So why would he want to switch good team to shit team

    • In your fucking dream mr deluded spuds!!!!! Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha

      Go fuck yourself, let us bet! If simone comes to spurs I’ll come to u in person and I bow to u even hail u! But if not, would u come to arsenal fans and say they are the BEST in north london?

  7. Hiddink for me.

    Don’t want Capello or Manicini, both very defensive managers.

    The next manager coming in has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Wonder how this plays out and impacts any transfers for January?

  8. Surely Spurs fans have to wise up to the fact that the fault rests at Levys door. If you need reminding check out his long list of managerial cock-ups on the net. What makes this occasion worse is that not only did he get rid of Arry but Levy spurned the chance to appoint the likes of Moyes, Martinez, Rodgers and Benitez. All were available. But Levy fancied another punt. And where is the sparkly new stadium we’ve been promised for 15 years????

  9. This is ludicrous and a very unhealthy attitude to managerial sacking. However, let’s use it as an opportunity to become better. Ideally, get Bielsa. That would be so fucking good. If not, De Boer or someone maybe. I just dream that it will be Bielsa.

  10. Should have stuck with AVB. But, I’m not the owner, so no. Around goes the carousel again… and probably again and again. Deep squad doesn’t mean we have a quality first eleven. This squad was too high on themselves. I’m not interested in getting too worked up about another couple years of transition. Everybody in the blue and white… “THIS SUCKS!”

  11. I hope it will be a manager who reverts to 4-4-2 (or a similar formation) with Rose/BAE (or new LB), Verts, Chir, Walker, Townsend (LWM), Holtby (CM), Sandro/Capoue (CDM), Lennon (RWM), Eriksen/Lamela (behind striker, former VDVaart role) and Soldado. Dembélé, Chadli, Dawson and Adebayor can be sold to generate money for a new LB, an extra CB and a TALL experienced striker.

  12. I often criticise clubs, including our own, for sacking their manager too soon, but AVB had to go I’m afraid. The style of football was so boring that I was almost willing Hull to score and put us out of the cup just so I didn’t have to watch any more of that game. I’d even take the Ossie Ardiles days over that rubbish, at least we were being entertained as we lost. We took a justified punt on a young manager with big ambitions and it didn’t work. With hindsight Rodgers or Martinez would have been better options but they were risks too.

    There has been talk of Hoddle returning to Spurs as manager and whilst I wouldn’t be overly upset by that, I do think that’s not quite the right role for him. Get him in to install his methods from top to bottom in the club, much in the same way Cruyff did at Barcelona. There is a style of football that we all want to see and know is at the heart of Spurs, albeit barely seen for many years. Nobody (alive) knows the club and style like Hoddle does, so let him make the changes we need, employ the right manager to help the transition and then have patience as we wait to see the fruits of Hoddle’s labours but be entertained in the meantime. COYS!


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