With rumours that Louis van Gaal’s next destination is Old Trafford rather than White Hart Lane, the market for next Tottenham manager has reacted accordingly and while the 62 year old Dutchman remains favourite to take over at either club, there has been one significant move overnight.

Former Liverpool and Chelsea manager Rafael Benitez has supposedly said that he would welcome a move back to the Premier League once his stint at Napoli comes to an end. There seem to be no direct quotes in relation to that so make your own conclusions but the Spaniard has now shortened in the markets.

Currently, Benitez is quoted at a best price of 16/1 with Bet365 to take the helm at Tottenham but elsewhere, he is as low as 5/1.

The 53 year old is quite an unpopular figure, not just at Chelsea but it’s hard to ignore a record that includes two La Liga titles with Valencia together with major trophies in Italy and England. Who knows exactly what has been said but in the next few weeks, Spurs will be linked with managers with a far worse pedigree.



  1. Keep Sherwood? Disaster in the making. If we don’t get van Gaal, I think we’ll struggle to attract anybody. Klopp will go to a big and ambitious club, Pochettino would be a fool to leave a stable and progressive club like Southampton to come to the Levy circus…I fear we’ll end up with Laudrup, who will struggle to get our players playing his way and be out on his ear within two years, and the cycle of mediocrity will continue.

  2. Levy for once must act quickly and come to some sort of an agreement with the best candidate – In my opinion LVG represents exactly what Spurs need, now and for the future. Reaching some early agreement for his services will remove any doubt and speculation during the long summer months, world cup fixtures and pre-season wait.

    Levy…… ‘Sort it once and for all’ no more bargain basement appointments – PLEASE!

  3. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea but, for me, Rafa Benitez would be a great choice for Spurs.
    He has that all important PL experience & is a proven trophy winner with Valencia, Liverpool & Chelsea.
    He’s also done a decent job at Napoli.

    • 100% agree. This guy is the man to take us to that next level. As you said, a proven pedigree, which is monumental to our progress.

        • He is good but he lost the plot in the end at Liverpool and made some shocking signings there. Lauren Blanc would be a good choice for me, he would sort out our defence for starters.The Basel manager Yakin is also a good choice.

          • How about De Boer?
            He has done wonders at Ajax, therefore knows how to get the most out of Eriksen.
            But even mor important. He knows how to build a club with a first class youth set up.
            Let’s face it, we have not got the finances to compete without developing players.

            In Levy we trust……


  4. We need a firm manager to get the likes of verts playing again!!! If he stays that is? Anyway lvg and klopp are good candidates for this! Anuone is better than sherwood trust me!!!!! Hes a prick acting as though he knows what hes doing!! Get rid levy and bring in the new… along with a gk, cb, lb, lw and a striker to push oir current players. and get good youth players in and our stadium built!!!

  5. I don’t see Man U getting rid of Moyes. He will get more than one season.

    The best job in the prem which will be available is Spurs so if LVG wants to manage in the prem then its us or lower.

    Plus no compensation as LVG is out of contract, that has Levy all over it. We can offer him a bumper package.

    • Lets hope so as someone needs to drill and push our team and get them playing again!! Lvg can do that.. the only drilling sherwood does is into bentelab his lover boy.. hes all wind and piss.. no fees get lvg levy.

  6. Neil Aspin at FC Halifax Town for getting them from the Evostik Division One North to the Play-Offs in the Conference Premier in Four years.

  7. All a load of speculative bullshit by the press who dream up stories on the hoof and the sheep will follow. Next week another name will be thrown in the THFC managerial ring. Any bets on Loren Blanc being the next carrot dangled. They might even try and bring back Kenny Dalgleish from retirement FFS. Until Levy opens his trap on the subject, the Walter Mitty characters in the press and blogs like this one, will have a field day at Spurs expense.

    • Totally agree Ray,its all media b####X,the thing is it dosnt matter who the manager is we dont have the finance to move out of where we are,like it or lump it thats the cruncher,so van Gaal,Klapp,Sherwood it dosnt really matter.And yes that is Klapp I’d rather have it than him.Coys

    • Ray, your always on this blog so don’t judge everyone on here you lil smiler. This blog is ok, there is far worse. You fancy a bum bum.


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