A season that started so promisingly for Andros Townsend appears to have ended in frustration with an injury that could ultimately cost him his World Cup place. The winger was a regular under Andre Villas-Boas after a spectacular goal against Dinamo Tbilisi was followed up by some encouraging performances.

Over time, however, it was evident that Townsend, for all his pacey and direct runs was barely providing an end product, either in terms of goals or assists. Nevertheless, that early season form saw the 22 year old called into Roy Hodgson’s England squad where he produced another belter in the side’s 4-1 win over Montenegro.

It all started to go wrong at the end of last year when Andros picked up a hamstring injury in Tim Sherwood’s first game in charge against West Ham. After a long period on the sidelines, the player has been relegated to the bench and reduced to a few ‘cameo’ appearances towards the end of matches.

Yesterday, Townsend Tweeted, “Off for an MRI scan! Fingers crossed!”

There’s been no follow up to that and no official word from the club but with two games left, Andros Townsend’s campaign will surely be over. From a Spurs point of view, can he expect to enjoy as much game time in 2014-15?



  1. Oh no…who will waste possession in the final third now?! And what of those poor fans in the second tier hoping to catch one of his shots? This is awful news!!!

    • Shut your mouth and f**k off back to your own site you gooner… You are all definetly in the red! Each others fucking arseholes u bunch of pricks..

    • Congratulations,4th place……again.you must be so proud.I for one will enjoy watching your title tilt next year derail around Feb.my favorite month!!! Small minded inbred todge.

    • Hahahahahaha – Once they had the invincibles now they just take crass selfies and just troll spurs sites to gloat over having a marginally better season than one of the worst Spurs teams in 10 years.

      This was a team that was was supposed to be the epitome of class, the fabled marble halls and all that.
      nothing more than the fake twitter and instagram generation.


  2. I dont think anyone cares!!! He has been completley overrated, he is a good substitute for next season but thats it… a new left winger and left back is a must and with lamela on the right wing, toensend is a sub at best. Coys

    • Go wank each other off on your own site!!! Theres that few of you that u need to celebrate on other peoples sites!! Only the begining of the season and u all wanted wenger out? U two faced arse bandits….coys….

      • This coming from a supporter of a chicken club whose fans made mind the gap T-shirts when their sorry team was in front of us for once in their sorry lives! !! You are more pathetic than I thought.

        • Meet me in person and say im pathetic! And i will fuc***g kill you.. your an arsenal and thats one place above jimmy saville.. no good supprters who go around shafting each other..m

      • When I was a kid, halloween meant a great deal. Now that I’m an adult it doesn’t make any sense. But I still attend the damn thing. Spuds don’t mean squirt but we offer them courtesy of existence anyway.

    • You must enjoy the fact that you’ll never challenge for the title again. Finishing between one and six points above Spurs is now your level.

      Answer me truthfully if you’re happy about that

  3. arsenal fans here make me laugh………they live for being ahead of spurs….as a spurs fan i can tell you i would gloat when we are champions. which neither of us are……so cant we just focus on getting better?


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