Talk of Andros Townsend moving away from White Hart Lane persists this weekend and it seems that Everton may have joined Newcastle in the hunt for the England man. Townsend missed much of Tim Sherwood’s spell in charge of Spurs and it’s felt that he will be surplus to requirements under a new manager.

One player who has really struggled to impress this season is Aaron Lennon and after a subdued campaign, stories of a move to West Ham have emerged. Lennon has looked particularly ineffective on the right wing and although his own season has been punctuated by injury, a set of sub-par performances and a return of just one goal from 33 matches could finally see him move on after nine years at the club.

Sherwood persisted with Lennon and it’s a hard position to fill but do you think the club would be right to sell either winger in the forthcoming transfer window?




  1. Personally I think it would be a mistake to sell Townsend and I simply cant see it happening. He is still a young player with potential the same as Lamela, and to be impatient with his development would be criminal (the names Prince-Boateng and Taarabt are springing to mind).

    Lennon is a different story. His goal-assist return is simply not good enough from a seasoned player like that, at a club like Spurs. At one point he was one of the premier wingers in England along with Walcott and Ashley Young, but his performances have really plateued and I question whether he is the type of player that can propel the club into the champions league.

  2. Townsend and Lennon are proving to be major disappointments. They are probably both of the standard required at West Ham but not Spurs

  3. With a new manager and a new system in place, using wingers and a fast paced pressure game townsend should be kept even if hes a substitute in games, he has pace for sure!! Lennon could do better a kot better and i think its time to move on for him now. We have lamela who im certain will flourish next season. We need a left winger desperatley and a left back to replace the very poor rose!!!! A fast cb and a striker such as remy would be ideal. Coys…

  4. I think we have to move on with a new manager and the fact is that these 2 have underperformed significantly this season. Townsend started the season well enough and was good for England, but since then has regressed and is too 1 dimensional. Lennon needs a new challenge at another club.

  5. What level are you talking about there both perfect for our level which is were we are 6th . It won’t be changing anytime soon why get rid of them so we can bring in more foreign players with a foreign manager .Sherwood got sacked for telling the truth the last English man in charge got us into 4th twice and it still wasn’t good enought Fuck off levy you mug and take that wanker baldini with you . We will get no we’re if you don’t get the right structure and show some faith in the man you pick oh and stop selling our best players might help .

  6. I have said on numerous ocasions that lennon was useless but who would buy someone who cant kick a ball correctly thats why he never took a corner or freekick and managed ten crosses all season one every three games played.

  7. If they cannot find buyers, I will sell my house and buy them and employ them to pick up my dog’s shit.

  8. I would keep hold of Andros and just ban him from shooting, 12 starts, 59 shots, 1 goal and 0 assists. Pretty p*** poor. Maybe loan him out another year and give Lamela an opportunity to show us what we paid 30 million for.

  9. I would sell Lennon and keep Townsensd as a squad palyer.Tottenham should sell Rose,Dawson,Ekotto,Livermore,Sigurdsson,Dembele,Adebayor
    Next years team
    Lloris,new back-up keeper
    new left-back,Fryers
    Vertonghen,Chiriches,Kaboul,new centreback
    new left-winger,Chadli
    new striker,Soldado,Kane

  10. why sell Adebayor when he was one of the best players last season? And to expect to integrate 4 new players straight into the team is the same mistake we made last year. A lot of these players will be better for the experience gained, don’t write everyone off too quickly, there are some good players at spurs but not many exceptional ones, so a manager who can get the best out of them is the most important signing.

  11. glad to see someone wants to hold on to Holtby. missed his spark during loan spell. think he could develop into an even better player given the chance. feel the same about some of the others. AVB changed lineups so much that players never seemed to feel comfortable with each other. Sherwood played favorites. agree that manager is most important signing.


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