Another Spurs player bites the dust at Brazil 2014 as Nabil Bentaleb returns following Algeria’s defeat at the hands of Germany. The midfielder started all three group matches at the World Cup but yesterday he watched from the sidelines as his country lost out in extra time.

Nabil now flies home to an uncertain future at White Hart Lane where at best, most fans view the 19 year old as a promising player who doesn’t quite justify the amount of game time given to him by Tim Sherwood.

Clearly our former coach still has a high opinion of the teenager and ahead of the new campaign, he has asked the club to give Bentaleb more game time.

“I tended to use him in a more defensive role, mainly because I knew I could trust him to do what I asked. But in his development at Spurs, he has always been a box-to-box midfielder and he has always scored goals in the junior age groups,” Sherwood wrote in the Independent.

“He still needs to develop and is not the finished article yet, but in the future he could be that sort of goalscoring midfielder. If Mauricio Pochettino is looking for that sort of player, then Nabil is perfect. He has to play regularly, though, if his development is to continue.”

The new coach has the option to use him extensively or, more likely, he will remain on the fringes of the set up for now. Alternatively, after a positive World Cup, perhaps now is the time to cash in on Nabil Bentaleb?



  1. I think he should get game time but not at the expense of Dembele or Paulinho. Paulinho also needs to develop but shows more raw ability than Bentaleb. As bad a season as Paulinho has had he has still outplayed Bentaleb.

    Development is something we love to see but football is a results game and we have 2 players better than Bebtaleb for his position at the minute. We should see how he progresses under Pochettino.

  2. He’s not ready to play at the level we should be aiming for (cup wins and push for top 4) so ship him out on loan to someone in the PL where his mistakes won’t cost us and where he can develop at the expense of another club. In a year or two, we’ll have a much improved player who can come in and replace a big-club bound Eriksen. If not, then like Carroll, Livermore and Andros he can be moved on.

  3. If he was that good, the Algerian coach would have put him in against the Germans last night. Clearly he is a talented youngster but at this moment in time, he isn’t better than Sandro or Capoue both of whom were left on the bench by a dumbo masquerading as a manager. As for cashing in on Bentaleb, I have to ask you, are you a Spurs fan or a pretend one?

  4. If Bentaleb was that good, why didn’t the Algerian manager put him on against the Germans at any point last night?
    He is a talented boy but in no way better than Sandro, Paulhino, Capoue or Eriksen. As for cashing in on Bentaleb, I have to ask you, are you a Spurs supporter or a pretend one? You constantly write shit about Spurs in a smarmy way and if you don’t, it’s generally cup and paste from another twat.

  5. Ray, clearly the Algeria coach has more about him than Tim, presumably as a result of him actually being qualified to coach a football team! It speaks volumes that the Algerian coach opted to go with experience when facing a superior opponent, whereas Tim felt that ‘trust’ was sufficient to mean Bentaleb would be able to compete against the top clubs and midfielders in the PL while leaving our better players on the bench.

    • Mertscielny, did you even watch Algeria play, they were quality against the Germans. Got me thinking why can’t England play like that. There movement , composure, desire to win the ball, was second to none, there #10 was a propoer playmaker, there #5 a top drawer center half. If Spurs turn out football like that next season we will be a joy to watch

      • The Algerians played with passion, I don’t think I’ve seen a passionate English player since Pearce wellied that penalty in against Spain in 96. I agree though, if Algeria were superb, and the decision not to play Nabil was spot on, just a shame Tim persisted in playing ‘golden boy’ when it was glaringly obvious he shouldn’t!

      • Fair enough Santa Monica. They played out of their hats. But I would say they did cause they knew they were the underdogs. Complacency could have set in for the Germans.

  6. Bentaleb is already at Denbele’s level as a midfielder. Dembele is only strong on the ball running forward but always to his left. never a pass and go move. Other than that he reacts rather than anticipates, passes back more than forward. Hopefully both will learn from Pochettino.

  7. @Mertscielny – Algeria got to the second round and almost saw off Germany and Bentaleb’s only 19.

    Pochettino taking over may be the best thing for him. Let’s hope the manager can successfully introduce some of our youth team prospects.

    • If Nabil is the future, what was the past? Tom Carroll? Jon Bostock? Let’s just hope he comes good instead of overhyping him as the next big thing, only to be let down by poor coaches, a poor set up and players who start to believe the hype around them when in reality they are distinctly average.


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