TottenhamBlog_MarkThe manager claimed it, Spurs’ own official website even hinted at it while Chelsea’s Didier Drogba has pretty much confirmed why Tottenham were second best in their 3-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. Domination of possession was evident in the second half but the lack of crucial chances and the absence of clinical finishing has been obvious for much of the season.

“It was not easy because they dominated the early part of the match. We then showed our efficiency better than in the previous match against Sunderland,” Drogba acknowledged.

“It’s a derby, it’s important to win and to continue with three points because other title rivals, like Man City, Man United and Arsenal, won as well.”

With less than four weeks until the transfer window reopens, Mauricio Pochettino has to address this continual need for a striker. Kane must remain while Adebayor is the most likely to leave if a buyer can be found. Meanwhile, Roberto Soldado is somewhere in the middle but come January, who will go and who could possibly be available to address the problem?




  1. Yep we need a striker. Bony would be perfect though Jay Rodriguez is probably more likely. If he can find the form and fitness he showed before his injury lay-off then he’d be a great signing

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