It’s says much for the esteem that Paulinho is held in by Tottenham supporters that even though he’s just been sold for over £7m less than he was bought for, chairman Daniel Levy is being hailed as a negotiating genius.

Here’s how the Spurs fans reacted on Twitter after Paulinho’s sale to Guangzhou Evergrande was confirmed.



  1. Hailing Levy? Are Spurs fans stupid people? Levy has done his best to thrash the club now for 3 years, and he gets hailed for selling P with a big loss, after loosing a big part of the Bale money? Ok, I think he is doing a good job with stadium and outside of football business, yes. But someone else need to step in to the field of football and help the club, before it is too late.

  2. Worried that we have not learnt from our mistakes and that we will again be buying mediocre rubbish players on which we will be obliged to take a hit on in the coming years; we will lose money on the other not so magnificent 7 purchases of 2013; can’t say that last summer’s purchases look a lot better.2015 purchases: I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Levy bought him in the first place for £17M and he’s just sold him for under £10M. What’s so great about that?? Levy has been mugging us Spurs fans off for years, we’re one of the only clubs to make a profit in the transfer market over the last few years, he’s sold our best players year in year out and replaced them with inferior players with so called potential. We are Spurs fans going to wake up and demand real QUALITY players. Time to put up LEVY.

    • “Levy bought him in the first place for £17M and he’s just sold him for under £10M. What’s so great about that??”

      What’s so great about it, is that there is so much more to the issue than that. The first-quoted figure for Paulinho’s transfer to Spurs probably included add-on payments for number of goals, appearances and trophies that many doubt Paulinho ever met. His departure gets his wages off Spurs’ books. He goes to a Chinese club happy to sign him, where he will join fellow Brazilian, Mr Scolari, and he doubles his wages in the process. It provides some transfer funds for Spurs, too. So everyone involved is a winner. Everyone is happy. Our Mr Levy is star-quality.

  4. We need to sell these players before the new season begins. Due to their lack of creditable statistics their value has diminished enormously. Our scouting system/team needs improving drastically with Mr Baldini given a lesser role or relieved of his role at THSFC completely. Daniel Levy is very good at negotiating what he wants but when you are trying to flog players who have been frustratingly ineffective for two seasons it’s difficult to get back your initial investment. Keep fighting Mr Levy but remember you are surrounded by men who have been in the business as players or managers/coaches and who have an eye for player quality and personality. Do not be afraid to seek their advice.

  5. Do you know what we think of tottenham?
    That’s right : Shit!
    And do you know what we think of shit?
    Exactly : Tottenham.

  6. We didn’t pay anything like 17 million GBP for Paulinho. With add-on clauses and contract escalators based on production, etc, I doubt that we paid more than 10 million for him, in which case Levy has indeed performed a miracle in getting most or all of the money back on him. Frankly, paying 2 million would be overpaying for the guy based upon his actual production over the last 2 years.

  7. All we need is to keep hold of Kane loris and get in premier league proven players alderwieild benteke and a top midfielder thank Mr levy

    • “All we need is to keep hold of Kane loris and…” If anyone wanted to “keep hold of” me, matt, I’d feel chained and would want to break free. So why use these desperate-sounding, ‘clingy’ expressions, when they are guaranteed to irritate a player whose thing is to create and express himself? It is the way that football pundits talk and write because much of their comment is about needling and mocking football supporters and playing on their fears of abandonment and of their club falling behind. No need for us to ape them, though, is there?


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