The Mirror have today reported that Spurs are ready to offer Emmanuel Adebayor to Aston Villa to sweeten a deal to sign Christian Benteke.

Benteke is one of the best strikers in the Premier League and it wouldn’t be so long ago that every Tottenham fan would be desperate to land him. The emergence of Harry Kane has changed that.

Kane’s development has been rapid. Having seen off Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado to establish himself as Spurs’ main man, does he really need a new £25m+ striker blocking his path?

Of course, the two could play together with Kane deeper and Christian Eriksen wide on the left, but after the success the England international had leading the line, this seems like an occasional option rather than a regular one.

If you spend the sort of money that it would take to land a player like Benteke then you have to play them regularly, unless you want their value to depreciate quicker than Roberto Soldado’s has.

Were Tottenham in the Champions League then perhaps making a move for another top striker in his prime would make sense. With the Europa League providing less challenging matches, Spurs would be better off spending their money elsewhere.

Midfield is the area where the team most needs to be strengthened. Up front, a young player with pace who can also play wide and perhaps an older, cheaper striker makes more sense. Fernando Llorente has also been linked and seems to a more realistic and sensible option.

That said, only the most pragmatic Spurs fan could fail to see their pulse rate increase if Benteke did arrive. We often moan at Daniel Levy for not buying the best and Benteke fits the description.



  1. Eriksen is wasted wide on the left . He plays best in the middle playing one-two’s to feet and shooting from around the edge of the box. Benteke is a donkey.

  2. Benteke would be perfect, get it done Levy him up top with Kane in behind (plus chadli and Eriksson) would be very interesting.

  3. What are we looking for in a striker? Youth with some high level experience, pace, fast feet with excellent ball control, positive attitude with a smile in his face? One who plays with a positive spirit. Oh God, apart from the youth word I think I’m describing Jermain Defoe! I like Benteke. I think he would enjoy the spirit of being a Tottenham Hotspur team player.

  4. No No No not Benteke in Tottenham. We need a fast striker who comes with the attack. Not a boxplayer as Benteke. We allready have Adebayor.
    Same shit but different.

  5. Anyone who believe’s Levy will spend that sort of money on Benteke needs to see a shrink.I believe Charlie Austin would be a perfect signing at a fraction of the cost: in my opinion a no brainier.

  6. Cormac, didn’t realise Arsenhole were keen on Benteke, unless you know differently !Pass the gasmask someone, please!

  7. A villa fan- Benteke scored 49 goals in 99 games for a team that is fighting relagation year in year out. A team that creates next to nothing and are among the lowest scorers. He suffered a career threatening injury and was out for 7 months but came back 10 games to early because we were desperate.hes first choice for the 2nd ranked team in the world and google Daniel sturridge (Englands best forward) goal stats. Bentekes are better and sturridge has played for teams that get 100 goals a season not villa dross. Hes a beast and in a good team would be a goal machine. Peoples ignorance of top players is strange. Sherwood played attacking football at the end of the season and said its simple get the ball to benteke, result- 12 goals in 12 games. You have to watch players regular to have an informed decision. Call him a donkey and not good enough for spurs and see who he plays for and how many goals he has scored in 5 years time.

    That said hope spurs have a great season.

  8. Well said Steve.
    We don”t mind getting a donkey who can score about 15 goals a season.
    Twin strikers for Spurs n see what happens coming season.
    Come on ye Spurs.

  9. good point , but Austin played for an even worse team & got 17 goals. In defence of Benteke you cant score if you are not playing. We do need at least 3 strikers. Also i would sulk if i was any good & had no help

  10. Look at Barcelona they got the 3 NSM…Neymar, Messi n Suarez. If one is held up Eg Messi, d other will score vital goals.
    N like Paul said creative support is also vital, even if u are good. Again look at d v good creative support of Xavi n Iniesta in midfield who can dribble, open up play n pass those killer passes to any of the NMS strikers..
    Look at d prolific duo the SS strike force of Suarez n Sturridge, who carried LPool to 2nd spot d previous seasons.
    Benteke can also hold off tough defenders n Kane can finish it off, or vice versa.
    Another creative midfielder for Eriksen wud do well.
    Come on ye Spurs.


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