There’s a lot of positive statistics floating about that reflect how well Spurs have been playing this season, but here’s one that doesn’t make for great reading.

Tottenham have lost eight points this season when conceding late goals, from 65 minutes onwards. Only Aston Villa and today’s opponents Watford have surrendered more points in this manner.


With none of Spurs’ title rivals featuring in this list, it could be a factor that decides whether we can last the pace.

So what’s causing this problem? Is it fatigue, as the side’s high-energy style fades towards the end of games, or is it a lack of concentration from a very young team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether Spurs are at the very top of the league or within touching distance as they are now, arseholes masquerading as Spurs fans or otherwise, will always find something however obscure to knock the team and club. It doesn’t matter what it is or how minute, someone will dig for it and throw it up as a major concern. Never satisfied always searching, and it never to ceases to make me laugh.

    • I understand your frustration at these cretins and their cretinous comments/stats.However as with that thing called Sol Campbell,does anyone give a fcuk about what they have to say.They are trawling their dustbins to find something to say.We do not have to give them the credit of a response.Sol Campbell for London mayor!…….. you could’nt make it up!.Treat them as sad,pathetic,lonely,washed up cretins and you will not go far wrong.

  2. Stats are great as you can use them to your advantage. In this case if we take the last say 10 premier league games, the same stat will be very different. In other words the problem has been addressed already. I am saying all this without even looking the stats for the last 10 games as we have started to win more than draw now.

  3. What’s the other side of the coin? How many games have we won when scoring after 65 minutes?
    I seem to recall lots of goals being scored on 78 minutes in recent seasons.
    (Up the Arse — never on the first date thank you.)

  4. Whoever this gutless wanker is, who doesn’t have the bottle to put his own name to this pointless piece of drivel, (come to think of it, small bloody wonder) the late goals he mentions were mostly early in the season.
    But isn’t it so typical of his loser mentality that he can write such negative crap when the team has the meanest defence in the league? And not forgetting almost two goals scored per game.

  5. Agree with Col.
    If this is all there is in the basket of bad news well I will chuckle just a little longer, we went second tonight Keep looking stat fans, this is one that seems to have slipped the net.


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