An image has leaked online of what could be the new Spurs home shirt for next season.

The picture was taken in an Australian shop and while it could be a fake, the detailing and the tagging on the shirt suggest that it is probably legitimate.



It’s possible that the shop have inadvertently placed the item on sale before it’s official release.

If it does turn out to be the new Tottenham kit, it could be the penultimate effort by manufacturers Under Armour, with their contract expiring at the end of the 2017-18 season. Nike are rumoured to be in talks with the club to produce the kit from 2018-19.



  1. Spurs shirt should always be predominantly white and having too much blue takes away the classy look of an all white shirt. To my mind there is a lot to be said for keeping our shirt white

  2. I personaly like the flair of yellow and navy that flashes out shirts now, its a good triad of colours , but its that ghastly red AIA whihc just sits like a massive raw turnip in a trifle. If it was navy the same as the X and the cock it would be a decent looking shirt. not timeless but nice enough. but the red dash just makes it look cheep and ‘infected’


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