An interview that Erik Lamela gave to an Argentinian TV sports channel has generated headlines regarding his future at Spurs.

Speaking about his successful season, in which he has become an important player for Mauricio Pochettino’s team, Lamela gave an insight into his future plans which have alarmed Tottenham fans.

“Honestly, I feel comfortable in Tottenham, I’d like to stay one more year here.

“We are a brave group, very competitive. Hopefully everyone can stay together so we can improve and win some [form of] title. This year it was not possible but we were close and we will play the Champions League now.”

The bit which has got knickers twisted is Lamela’s claim that, “I’d like to stay one more year here.”

It seems likely that this may be an example of a players thoughts being lost in translation, or at worst a bit of haggling ahead of a likely new contract.

Lamela is three years into the five-year contract he signed when joining the club in 2013. With two years remaining on his deal, it’s a certainty that he’ll be offered another contract this summer.

If Lamela’s intention was to leave after next season, he surely wouldn’t sign the contract and if he didn’t, it’s likely that Spurs would choose to cash in on him now rather than allowing the winger’s transfer value to be reduced.

The likelihood is that Lamela will indeed sign a new contract at the end of the season and be a Tottenham player for a fair bit longer than just another year.



  1. I pray that Lamela gets sold this summer. He is a liability and gives away possession way too often and gives away fouls too often, and misses goal opportunities too often, and rarely sees runs where he can do a defence splitting pass. His stats are a credit to him this season, but then it’s a season where we’ve punched above our weight and he has simply benefited from that, not like he made it happen. Sell him and get Bale back so we can have Son Bale and Alli behind Kane.

  2. He has improved a fair bit, i think there is more to come from him & same applies to Eriksen, Dembele & Alli. Need 4 top players with CL & title challenge. All in attacking third. Son will improve in 2nd season with more game time

  3. I would agree with COYS. I think Lamela is the weak link in Poch’s first choice team. I think Son, with a regular place in the side, would offer far more in attacking play than Lamela.

  4. Can’t disagree more with COYS lamela has improved massively this season and finally becoming consistent yes sometimes he loses possession because he holds on to the ball too long but his vision is great he picks out them reverse balls through a defence or a clever flick through but a lot of the time no one makes that run what he’s waiting for because we hardly make them runs in behind as we play 90%!in front of their defence and slow high possession build up play. No player on the team works as hard trying to win the ball back than him which people don’t like to notice from an attacking player. Why would you sit with a player with a lot of potential in the two bad seasons he had then when he starts to meet it sell him makes no sense. He’s only gonna get better. I’m a season ticket holder and see things what he does on and off the ball which You have to appreciate which you may not see on TV

  5. He has worked extremely hard for the team this year and provided some great assists as well as bagging a few goals himself . We must keep him as I think he will only get better. I can’t see how anyone can say he,s our weak link.

  6. I don’t think we have weak link in the team it’s the squad players not good enough that’s why it’s the last 30 mins when we make changes we lose vital goals get rid some squad players and get some new ones out “mason”Carroll”bentalab”fazio”chadli “keep Prichard “son”onamoa “buy “kante”makatarian “lacazette.quality players.

    • Son is an ok squad player & I’d keep Carroll as he’s technically one of our better players, especially when most of your MF is all about running very fast & only sometimes having an end product.
      I think we need a player who has vision & can at times put in a killer pass or move the ball onto someone else .. & that, given a decent run (not as a defensive MF either) would be Carroll.
      N’Jie is also another one I’d get rid of.. he had an awful time in the French league & to be honest, I don’t see an awful lot to offer the prem before his injury. I’d bring back Pritchard in his place.

  7. Agree with Yid. Do any of you who had slated Lamela actually go to the games? Lamela has been fantastic this season and the embodiment of the fighting spirit that Poch wants and has instilled in the team. He is a lunatic on the pitch and I love it. He chases, harasses and annoys the hell out of the opposition. And this season has had a great end product too in the way of goals and assists. He does occasionally lose the ball but it is always in the right areas and trying to be positive and forward thinking. Can he improve? definitely but he is one player who I would have in my team week in week out.

  8. If Lamela doesn’t extend his contract this summer Levy will flog him! He rarely lets players contracts run down, with 2 years left Lamela will get a new deal!
    The worry is old Whisky nose tapping up MP!
    That’s a major concern as his assistant was there too!

  9. Lamela’s had a very good season but for an attacking midfielder he’s never scored many (league) goals, unlike Eriksen and Ali. This is a big handicap for a team playing with only one striker.

  10. I’m not totally convinced with Lamela. Been slated a few times for expressing this unpopular view, too. We only miss his hard work when he doesn’t play. Offers no width. Almost always runs in to blind alleys and loses the ball too often. But that’s just my opinion. His approach to the game is admirable – has the fire in the stomach. If his work rate could me matched by a good replacement, I’d still sleep at night.



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