Is the new Spurs away kit a hit or a miss?

Is the new Spurs away kit a hit or a miss?


It wasn’t so long ago that leaked images emerged of the new Spurs home shirt on sale in a shop in Australia.

Now a picture is doing the rounds of what is supposedly the new away kit. While the home shirt seems to be legit, there is more doubt surrounding this one, not least because you would hope that Under Armour might be more ambitious.


UA have never produced home and away kits that were identical other than colour, so it could be the case that this is a cheap knock-off based on the leaked home design.

On the other hand, with Under Armour set to be replaced by Nike perhaps they’ve stopped caring. That would certainly explain the paring on a largely black shirt with a grey shoulder area.

The club will soon be releasing the shirts officially and we’ll be put out of our misery. As ever, two things remain certain – only children have an excuse for buying a kit that they don’t really like just because it has a Spurs badge on it and whatever the design, the worst bit will be the red AIA sponsor logo.


  1. Faker than fake… 2 reasons..

    1. Quality is very low, Under Armour products if nothing else are better quality than this

    2. and the biggest reason is the badges on the “home” shirt are wrong, Premier League badges will change next year to just a lions head not a full lion standing on a ball like its been since day 1.

    Whilst they might be how the shirts look when they are released, they certainly are not 100% genuine UA shirts

  2. i’m no expert but the away kit looks photo shopped to bits when u zoom in around the crest. maybe someone a bit more knowledgeable about such things could confirm?

    • Image quality is too low to really be able to zoom in enough to tell… but UA have never produced Home and Away kit from the same template using different colours… they wont this time either its just a Chinese rip off guessing what they will look like based on the home shirt that was on sale in Oz a few weeks back

  3. Look at the positioning of the sponser. Different in both shirts, one is higher and closer to the crest. So either one of them is fake or both of them are fake.

  4. They don’t do a thing for me.
    Surely, they can find someone to design something more appropriate.
    Also, Spurs shirts should never have any RED on them.

    Go back to the drawing board and start again

  5. both fake, although the home is a fake version of what the real home will look be.

    away will be black and gold, not this garbage though. and they are also changing premier league patches this season – these have the old ones on. chill my brothers…

  6. More Pony than our Pony kits back in the 90s!

    Under armour have created some completely tasteless kits these past few seasons (bar 2014 which sadly coincided with a woeful season). The AIA just dominated and clashes … Plus it’s bloody RED!!!

    Nike can’t come quick enough.

  7. If you look behind the shirts… looks like shirts aren’t the only thing these guys are doing knock-offs, of. Seems they are doing religious statues, too!

  8. Please not these kits pleaseeeee. The Nike deal couldn’t come sooner, i like you as a brand Under Armor, but lets face it nearly all the Spurs kits have been terrible apart from the Y neck HP one

    • What about their first one? The Aurasma one, I loved that. It’s one of my all time favourite sponsor bearing spurs kits after the Adidas/Holstein shirts which I adored.


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