Hull City and their manager Steve Bruce are evidently big fans of Spurs. Not content with their signings of Michael Dawson, Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore from Tottenham, they are now linked with Ryan Mason.

Reports claim that Spurs are ready to cash in on the 25-year old midfielder and Hull are lining up a £10m deal.

Earlier this summer Mason was linked with the likes of Bournemouth and Crystal Palace for a paltry fee of £4m. At the time we stated that we couldn’t see the club being willing to sell for less than eight figures, so Hull’s valuation seems nearer the mark.

That said, at a time when West Ham are asking for £12.5m for James Tomkins, we shouldn’t be surprised if we ask for more than the rumoured £10m.

The transfer market has gone crazy following the influx of TV money and though many Tottenham fans don’t rate Mason, there’s no reason to let a young, recently capped midfielder go for cheap.

Would you accept £10m for Mason? If not, what’s a reasonable valuation?



  1. Instead of messing around with a surplus of midfielders, why don’t they Just stop ftiggin’ around a sign a striker already !!, we can always flog Mason

    • Why? Have you forgotten, when we were heading for a draw at Sunderland, after losing the first game and drawing the next three, where confidence was clearly affected and another draw could have been deadly, it was Mason, his drive, his initiative, his skill, to play a one/two with Lamela putting him through on goal. It was his skill and his courage (because he would have known he had a good chance of injury) that took him one on one with the keeper. His goal won us that game and got our season up and running. And yes he did get injured and it ruined his season! What are you judging him on? After his return from this injury when he adjusting and not at his best? Where he played, as part of a central midfield in Pochettino’s first season that took us to fifth and a Cup final even though his partner was only 19 and both of them were playing out of position and in a defensive role that was against their inclinations? Did you know this? Neither Mason and Bentaleb is a holding midfielder!

      Look, we’re all entitled to our opinions. If you, or anyone else really believes the club would be better off after selling him (or anyone else) that is one thing. But why the vitriol? Why the spite? Why do you have to hate down on our own players? If you believe that hating down on our own players, just because you think they aren’t good enough, makes you more passionate about the club, I have news for you – it doesn’t! Clearly not trying – that is something I think players deserve grief for. But I don’t believe that is an accusation that can be leveled at Mason’s door.

      To my mind, he is versatile and happy to play where his manager asks him and happy to sit on the bench – without whining and whining and running to the press every five minutes! He is not dog-crap awful no matter how some try to paint him so. And he came through though helping us fulfill our home-grown quota. If you believe the club would be better for selling him that’s fine – wrong in my opinion, but fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. But there’s no need to hate on him…show some respect. And, like, actually support the players of the club you, er, support, is all!

  2. You are right , no need to be nasty & he did get season up & running. However as a club we must stop accepting anything other than the highest standards. Hence 41 goal Andy Cole was replaced by Alan Shearer. Hoddle & Waddle were better than Eriksen & Lamela. So if upgrades ate available on any position we have to be ruthless. I want silverware on a regular basis


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