After a woeful start, things didn’t get much better for Tottenham at Anfield. A revitalised Liverpool side scored two quick-fire goals early on, and Spurs failed to find a way back into the game. So how did the visitors perform individually?

Hugo Lloris, 5

Didn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as his defenders at times. Made some saves looked easy but was uncertain with the ball at his feet.

Kyle Walker, 5

Sliced a couple of clearances when Spurs were under the cosh. In fairness he wasn’t given much protection. Liverpool did well to pin him and back and prevent his forward runs.

Toby Alderweireld, 5

Caught out high up the pitch in the build up to the opener. Found his feet after that but didn’t play to his usual standard. Booked for the first time this season.

Eric Dier, 4

Dallied on the ball and inexcusably lost it for the second Liverpool goal. Made a crucial tackle to prevent a third but looked shaky all evening.

Ben Davies, 4

Given a torrid time by Sadio Mane, particularly in the first half. It’s worth noting Davies was given almost no protection, and so his struggles weren’t completely self-inflicted.

Victor Wanyama, 5

Should have made more of an effort to drop into the back four when Liverpool were battering Spurs early on. Misplaced a couple of passes in dangerous areas.

Mousa Dembele, 5

Dribbled his way out of trouble when possible but his passing was inaccurate, and he failed to really penetrate through to the final third.

Christian Eriksen, 4

Really ineffective. Came close with a free-kick but must be do more to put his stamp on this kind of game. Anonymous after the break and was the first to be replaced.

Dele Alli, 5

Barely involved, primarily because of a complete lack of service. Did try to burst through on more than one occasion but Liverpool did well to quash his threat.

Heung-Min Son, 5 

Missed a big one-on-one chance to pull one back at 2-0. Arguably should have helped Davies out more, but perhaps he wasn’t given enough instruction.

Harry Kane, 5

Like Alli, Kane wasn’t exactly given sufficient service. Won some headers when Spurs resorted to long-ball tactics, but wasn’t involved anywhere near enough.


Harry Winks, 5

Came on for Eriksen — didn’t really change anything.

Moussa Sissoko, N/A

Might as well have not come on.

Vincent Janssen, N/A

See above.




  1. Agreed. Davies gets a point for turning up at the right ground and another for being on the right day.
    Dier gets one point more because he’s taller.

  2. They were all RUBBISH! Dier was DIRE AND DAVIES should he been playing at a Sunday league side. No creativity, no aggression,no ruthlessness they crap – sell JANSSEN, Sisko ,Davies they all have no desire to win now arsenal and city can catch us.another failed season that promised so much !!!!!
    We need a creative midfielder and a goal scoring striker- and fast .!!!!

  3. Dembele was at least a 7 and was the only player on our team that looked up to the challenge. He gave the ball away very few times and when he did he was surrounded by 3 guys as the rest were not running off the ball. tri Eriksen once again showed what he is really all about. Jogging around pretending he is interested , making sure he is out of the way of any 50/50 challenges. As a player I would find it hard to sit next to him in the dressing room. Now 0 for his last 119 free kicks at goal. He can only play against crap teams when they give him loads of space or if all of our team does all the work and spoon feeds him, Embarrassment and I am sick of him

  4. The TEAM failed to show the desire to win yet alone a Draw! Disappointed with Son ! Very selfish play and didn’t connect well with others yet alone clinical as result losing many ball so often keeps Davies busy . We all know why Davies is second on the bench after Rose ! Look at our bench Squash and the fear we have they are all liabilities short of experience …what do we is Moussa and Vincent !!! I rather bring the youth and get them experienced at least they take risk to prove their worthiness ! It’s not about losing but purely the drive to step up play like Sunderland did to us or Hull did to Liverpool ! Now think about what depth of squad to we have to play 3 games a week ?? Are we lucky mathematically or becaouse our home game record is better that away ? We are good and better in several department but remain fragile mentally against big team Playinng from back and losing ball in the center . Who was leading the team to push forward or holding the fort against Liverpool …and what was the tactical intention in replacing a player in second half ? We still could get a real shot on target ! Still work in progress not judgmental and squad need investment ! COYS

  5. Hello again! Anything new? Time and again I have said it is the same old Spurs who cannot cope with a team that plays faster. We lack the resolve and the passing was absolute pathetic – the whole team! We are slow, lethargic and predictable and the players talk too much BS before the game and s**t in the pants when faced with a footballing side. Spurs will be lucky to finish 6th or 7th. Simply Division 1 class. Don’t know where to start but once again let down badly – I suppose nothing new to be in pain? MP has a statement but why the hell did he sit down on his backside rather than tearing the team into shape from the sidelines? MP – it is you who trains them and the B. lot don’t even know how to benefit from corners and when the opponents take its all panic!! The basics are wrong so stop moaning. Why didn’t you sign Mane or Dembele and signed clowns like Jansen / Son / Sissoko ? I give up as, if we live through all this, next year it will be ‘the same old story’ . Simply Spurs players have no passion, no class and will remain a small club. Too make it big, they will move ..

    {Why? – I just happen to watch news and they showed the worlds biggest refugee camp in Kenya and you see all those young kids who have nothing to survive on…yet wearing Man U , City, Arsenal Liverpool R Madrid Barca T- shirts !! }

  6. liverpool in bad form previous to this, lacking energy and getting overrun by other teams, klopp under huge pressure and showing it in his interviews, and they were going to drop out of top 4, now suddenly they play like supermen, even their average players, like henderson, they were all over us with their huge energy increase, where did that come from, there was no sign of it, and i have been watching all their games, they were like men possessed, they were stronger, and faster than us, and they did not look anything like that in previous weeks, in the betting markets that could have looked like a match fix, we were the form team, and then we get beaten easily by average struggling liverpool team, i just could not believe what i was watching, that was very suspicious, i will be watching liverpool performances even closer now, and comparing them to this, and they wont play like that again too often, unless they get desperate again, drug cheats are in the game, , look heres the other view, if liverpool can play that way without help, then well done them, but i want proof before i congratulate them of playing well, take drugs test, and if you have nothing to hide, then you wont mind taking them, but they always say why should i, says it all really.

    • Hahahaha what planet are you on. If you’ve been watching all Liverpool games you’ll know that’s how we’ve been playing all season, bar January. To suggest Liverpool are taking performance enhancing drugs….. get a life sunshine

  7. That first half at Anfield was an embarrassment last night. overrun start to finish and we could not cope with Liverpool fast pace and as for Davies and Dier , not good enough at the back. Liverpools attacks were all coming down there side and Davies in particular was run ragged. Dier what the hell was he doing when he lost the ball , lack of concentration and 2 mins later the ball is in the back of the net. Blame Poch for this embarrassment and team selection ..Liverpool 17 shots on target to our 7 .. did we really have 7 . To pissed off to say anymore at present ,,,

  8. i see everyone saying spurs players were rubbish, and yes they were, but why, scared of an average liverpool team under pressure, these are quality players and they are better than that, so why, we lost the fifty fiftys, we lost the races for the ball, we lost most headers, our usual strong dembele, and wanyama were out muscled, by bloody henderson and wijnaldum, average players at best, we were closed down all game, how fit were liverpool to do that, i expected them to run out of steam, but no they kept going, how can you play 100 miles an hour for a full match, its not possible usually, so liverpool have suddenly gone from an average team to supermen, in one week, not good, but supermen, that result and performance were not expected by anyone, dont just say spurs were shit, there could be other reasons.
    oh and if liverpool play like that every week, they will come second, because they were unplayable yesterday, and as the commentators said liverpool have great energy, and spurs were outworked in midfield, very true, but where did it come from, it wasnt there a week ago, average to supermen, surely you have to ask questions, we all know what can do it, as lance showed, there is so much money in the top 4, teams will do anything to get it.

  9. Same old Spurs and a leopard never changes his spots.I really fear for the rest of the season and am not looking forward to our forthcoming EUropa Cup and FA Cup matches.

    The squad is way too small and the manager is clueless.Some mistakes are just unforgivable like selling Sigurdsson having never really given him a chance and not buying Dembele on a free(a deal right up Daniel Levy’s street) and throwing away £60M on rubbish like Janssen,Sissoko and N’Koudou.

  10. Can’t believe some here are even suggesting the energy levels of Liverpool were anything other than natural. This is their best eleven and how they were playing before they lost Mane, Coutinho and Matip for times prior to the festive period. The difference to January is that they are back to one game a week now too,where the “gegenpressing” is possible with the preparation and timescale between games. Pochettino’s tactics were naïve / reckless leaving both a rookie left back unprotected and the space in between centre halves and Liverpool simply filled their boots – much like they did August to November.

  11. ian i am not saying im right, i just saw good spurs team totally outworked by an average liverpool team, and liverpool were very energetic as media is mentioning, from last week when they were average, and mane aint that good, to be the difference, i suggest you rewatch the game and see the liverpool players running constantly for 90 + mins, they were everywhere, and then say they werent that energetic.
    didnt stop running.

  12. anyway we lost, so now we win win the next games, and i will surely be watching liverpools next games closely, i have feeling you wont see that type of performance too often.

    • They have the best “distance covered” running stats in the league and it was prevalent before the dip in form too and in particular, yes, the players you mentioned have been doing it regularly. Klopp used it to great effect at Dortmund and he is signing the athletic footballers to replicate it now. On the contrary,I think you will find it is exactly how they will play now till the end of the season with no European / cup distractions and a two week break till the next fixture.

  13. lance armstrong, im not a cheat, guilty, marion jones i did not cheat, guilty, sakho only cough or cold medicine, when in fact it is used as a masker to hide things in the body, guilty and there are other cases if you look, and now bradly wiggins is being pursued for a drug cheat now, im clueless you say, but there are sports cheats out there, and they are in the premier league as well, and one day will be found out.


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