Vincent Janssen has been urged to leave Tottenham this summer by former Netherlands international Pierre van Hooijdonk.

Spurs signed Janssen for £18.5 million last summer, but the Dutchman has made only two Premier League starts in 2017 and has scored just twice in the league for Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

Van Hooijdonk told The Sunday Mirror (print edition) Janssen is better off playing for another club.

He said: “It’s very difficult for him, because he wants it too much and then things go against you.

“Harry Kane is undoubtedly the No.1 striker. So I would say it would be better to move on to a club where he is going to get regular football.

“Also for the Dutch national team, if he plays elsewhere he is going to become a better striker.”

If Janssen does leave Tottenham this summer, the club is likely to suffer a huge loss. Not many clubs will be keen on forking out anywhere near the £18.5 million Spurs spent on the 22-year-old.

The striker has impressed in cameo appearances lately, however. If his improved form continues until the end of the season, I can see Pochettino giving him another shot next term.



  1. This is rubbish! Vincent Janssen is a player with a lot of confidence right now, and considering its his 1st season in one of Europes top 5 leagues, let alone the premier league, its underdtandable that he has struggled this season. But i see him being really good next season. COYS

  2. People jump on the whole “Flop” thing too quickly, it is a different and superior league, a new country and style of football. We will see what he’s made of next season, remember sites like this had written off Son…look at him now!!!

  3. You are talking crap mate! I’ve noticed in his last few appearances he is getting better and has scored two proper goals. His reactions are lightning, he can hold up a ball, can spot a pass plus he is beginning to be in the right place. I have also noticed some of his shots have been unlucky and if they had gone in would have been spectacular. So mate if you are suppose to be a friend, which does not seem that way because, Je lult uit je nek (your full of shit)

  4. Seriously who gives a crap who Pierre van shit thinks. A man who never played for a top club in England, Germany, spain or italy. A man with no ambition…..shut it pierre. We can all see Jansen is improving and he needs more time. He is showing the right mentality and therefore deserves a 2nd season. His reading of the game will improve

  5. I seem to remember as certain berbatov going through the same first season problems and look how good he turnt out to be ?


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