Tottenham will reject any advances for Danny Rose this summer, according to The Manchester Evening News.

Rose is currently sidelined with a knee injury and isn’t expected to play until the end of the month at the earliest.

But with a return to full training imminent, Manchester United are reportedly keen on making a move for the left-back.

Inter Milan are also said to be fond of the 27-year-old, who they first showed an interest in last summer.

But the Manchester Evening News, by way of its sister-publication, claims Spurs will reject any bids that come in for Rose.

The news isn’t exactly surprising, but it will still come as a big relief for Tottenham fans. Rose is a vitally important player and the club can’t afford to let another full-back leave.

Rumours of an exit are inevitable given Rose’s quality. United’s interest is merely a sign of how much the Yorkshireman has improved under Mauricio Pochettino’s management.



  1. What a nonsense story. Spurs would not deal with a club such as Man Utd, Man City yes, but not Utd. The premier league as a whole has had enough of the “prawn sandwich brigade as Roy Kean so aptly described them.

  2. But you bought Shaw for £32million. Why don’t you try coaching or developing him rather than spending £300 million on a new Team each year and trying to buy the Ptemier league. Pathetic

  3. I said at the end of last season when it was clear that the manager had lost faith in Walker that he’d be the only player sold. Anyone the manager wants to keep will be going nowhere. Levy might be gambling with incoming s but he knows he has room to manoeuvre the other way. If he sold someone Poch wants to keep, the manager would walk and a lot of players would follow. We’d move into a new stadium in a right mess. I don’t buy into this idea that we have plenty of future stars in the academy. We’ll be lucky to produce one or two per generation. Winks is one for sure but of the others around his age group I’m not convinced. Why can’t we just do our business early? Bite the bullet and bring in what we need for a full preseason. I’ve heard too many players say that getting used to Poch’ training methods takes time.

  4. Wenger did it with french players. Poch should do the same with Argentinians. Spurs have a good history with such players. It would also give lamela a boost. Spurs fans generally have good ideas. Is anybody listening?


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