Mauricio Pochettino believes Tottenham need to start putting more pressure on referees in order to win games.

The Spurs manager thinks Juventus’ propensity to influence the officials’ decisions was one of the key factors behind Wednesday night’s Champions League exit.

Tottenham were the better side over two legs against Juventus, but the Serie A champions ran out 4-3 winners on aggregate as a result of their comeback victory in the second leg at Wembley.

The Italian giants cancelled out Heung-Min Son’s first half strike with two goals in three minutes after the break, ending Spurs’ impressive run in Europe.

After the game, Pochettino put his side’s defeat down to “two big mistakes,” referring to Juventus’ goals.

But in a press conference on Friday, the Tottenham boss said he and his players were too nice and could have put more pressure on the referee to swing things in their favour.

“Maybe I and we need to learn, the coaching staff, like our players, how we put pressure on the referee,”, said Pochettino (via the Independent).

“In this type of game, every minimal detail can help you win the game.

“Look at the second half. Many fouls that weren’t fouls, many times they started the game with the ball moving, players inside the box on goal kicks – you need to take it again.

“In the Premier League this doesn’t happen. That situation is about experience.

“We of course complained about Barzagli’s stamp on Son in the first half. We put pressure on the referee.

“It was easy for the referee to manage us because we were very nice people, trying to help to play a game.”

“Before the game was Agnelli, after the game was Agnelli, Marotta. I saw at half-time how they put pressure on the referee.

“They were complaining about the penalty in the first-half. Of course.”

One of the many things I’ve always appreciated about Pochettino is the fact he rarely moans at officials or blames defeats on refereeing decisions.

For me, his comments could be read as a sly dig at Juventus’ tactics rather than a call for Spurs to act in a similar way.

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  1. I’m sure Poch is right & a bit more by way of dark arts by management & executive would come in handy.
    But what really hacks me off is the latest example Sky’s punditry team on the night scrabbling around for any ‘explanation’ for the result, which is then instantly & unthinkingly adopted by every sheep-like lazy journo & armchair expert in the country. I’m talking about this ‘Juve have the experience & nous to close out a game’ bollox, that’s now become accepted wisdom amongst everyone, including many who should know better. To listen to them you’d think Juve’s squad was composed entirely alchemists & witch-doctors.
    Well, it didn’t work too well in the first leg, when they let a 2 goal lead after 10 mins get pegged back to 2-2, did it??!! I don’t begrudge Juve their victory, but please?? These guys are good & took their chances really well, they’re not invincible, superhuman, or even super-smart. Any one of our 3 or 4 near-misses after their second would have pegged it back to another 2-2 & an extra 30 mins, which we’d have won cos we’re younger, fitter & better.
    The simple & boring truth is that Juve won through a slight edge of good fortune on the night & that’s not being disrespectful to them. The trouble is that post-match pundits always need to come up with ‘interesting’ explanations to justify their presence & payment & all the other experts just follow suit. Good or bad luck never sounds smart enough, even when it’s the real truth.

  2. Even im cheering the Old Lady, I respect Poch and his team, I saw a figure of a good and ideal manager for top European club. I hope i didn’t read his last comment about Juve pressuring reffs as it only ruining my image off.. Looking silly excuse after a defeat just revealing his true self.

  3. No – Let’s not do that. The TV announcers and color commentators and the sports hacks spend half their time attacking the referees calls. The announcer on TSN was talking about Vertongen’s tackle well into the second half. I figure it’s because they don’t know enough about the game to give us reasonable commentary. I hope that the inevitable video replay system will help with correcting some bad calls, but nobody gets a referee to change their mind. imply put , they call them as they see them and despite 4 of them, they don’t always do a good job. I saw two terrific games generally well played, and while I’m sad my team didn’t win, I enjoyed both games. I believe that the vicious , obvious and intentional stomp by Barzagli should have been red carded- which obviously would have given Tottenham a leg up. I’m still hoping that UEFA will review it and discipline him for this obvious attempt to injure. At the same time it didn’t happen in the game and there is no going back. We lost – that was sad. Sad also was the stomp and the unsportsmanlike comment of the old and senile Juventus captain. They were two great games by two very good and skillful teams and we should be relishing the opportunity to watch such skills.

    • A very decent point made here. On reflection, I don’t want to see Poch or Levy berating officials either, even on the quiet. Genuinely wish I shared your admirable detachment & appreciation. Instead, all I can see is Kane’s header bob-bob-bobbing along the goal-line.

  4. I feel Poch simply was out managed. Juventus recognised our weak areas. Made the substitutions and attacked those weak areas. Pochittino did not change the formation to defend and fortify the weak areas quickly enough and in a few short minutes it was all over. Spurs are a great team and learned much under Pochittino and his staff. I hope Mauricio has learned a lesson as well. As a manager, experience provides important lessons. As Pochittino developes as a manager so will Spurs.

    • Agree – but time and good players will run out! We are repeatedly inconsistent and lack true passion (the players – as they know other teams are waiting to take them). Another season gone with nothing and most likely Europa league or nothing. PS we need to find a talented agile keeper soon as well

  5. We were let down by poor defending. Juve’s first was Dier’s fault for not tracking Higuain(watch it from from Higuain sfarts his run). Their second was Davies’s fault for not moving up with the rest of the back line , an as a result he played Debayla onside. My question is, if Loris is captain why didn’t he remind Davies to move up with the rest ? I do feel Juventus got away without receiving red cards, one for the obvious stamps on Son, but also the challenge on Ali in the second half, where their player deliberately takes him out, no attempt for the ball ! Ref was pretty crap throughout.

  6. Yes we didn’t get some decisions go our way, but don’t dangle a leg don’t get so touch tight. Best way to prevent would of been to eliminate.

    It was a stomp and a red yes!

    But it was a penalty and we got away with one.

    I agree with comment about Poch not reacting and I’ve seen this before (West Ham in the cup).

    Although he isn’t to blame for the nature of the goals we conceded.

    Dier again just jogging behind Higuain , Sanchez so tight to Higuain he turned him on a six pence and played in Dybala.

    Then Trips with his hand up!!!!

    Just play the whistle.

    Hugo come off your line stand up(for a change) and bide time.

    Me personally I would of put Wanyama in the middle and told him to sit tight playing a 4-1-3-1-1. Shut up shop and hit them on the counter. Let’s get that aging back 4 running and chasing Son,Alli Kane.
    Kane’s not quick and he skipped past Chiellini!

    Fact is I’m gutted absolutely gutted.

    Let’s go for the f.a cup and second place ! ! ! !


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